breakfast at tiffany’s.

where: guest room.

when: 1140pm. sept. 21, 2006, thursday/2:58am. sept. 22, 2006
what: random soliloquys(?) on whatnots.

i can’t sleep. some book i found said i should go discover myself first before acting on other things. some person told me that a certain person is a snake. that’s pretty amazing. i’m trying to get over my hyper-hydraulic-powered-emotional tendencies cause my tooth hurts. my back does too. if you’re wondering why i can’t sleep most of the time, i don’t know the answer either. sometimes i think too much. sometimes i can’t think of anything that’s why i’m too bothered to think of something. haha. my noodles just won’t stay put. they have to work work work even if what they produce are somewhat too critical for me to handle. the brain’s too powerful to be controlled. hahahaha. bollocks.

“when you get lonely and no one’s around, you know that i’ll catch you when you’re falling down. blablablah i’ll see you again and you’ll look me in my eyes and call me your friend…” —lalala. empty apartment. yellowcard. i know. i’m a sucker for drama. these vm episodes almost made me cry.

is this too common to write about? am i being to cliche already? bollocks to humanity and its clicheness! (then you’ll see someone fly in front of you and everything becomes dark and cloudy and you’ll hear a maniacal laugh with matching lightning and thunder. huwaw.)

all of a sudden, this came to me: i don’t feel so vain and self loving anymore. … i need time to be vain, so, i won’t probably write too long till i get to see all my person’s different angles. guess what, i can’t even take good pictures anymore. haha. come on people, we gotta love ourselves. oh that also comes with some cherries on top.

sheep talk. white sheep are for wool (thank god they get their butts saved from…) black sheep are for MEAT. yea.




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