happy happy to faye and jen :P

why do i have to heave in a really really hugh sigh whenever i see that? why is such an emotional state so overwhelming?

i’m still underweight but my appetite has grown up to ten times since i left the philippines. tita irene said i should go exercise cause i’m all bones, no muscles. haha. not. can’t help adoring these nails. think of enamel painted goodness. rose based with a top coat of purple shimmery loving. haha.

my lovely cousins are coming over. i think ches wants to watch a movie…but we’re both too sick to shush and keep our butts from getting kicked off the movie house. hehe. this coughing marathon almost killed me last night.

i had a nice dream. something really out of the blue. i didn’t feel so good before i went to snoozeland but it gave me a break from the nightmares and last night did make me feel better. it was like high school and college and summer and winter smushed together.

overwhelming song of the moment: take me as i am by wyclef jean featuring sharissa.

feel good song of the day: umagang kay ganda. šŸ™‚ who’s the artist?

with no clothes to spare(i disappointingly forgot to bring my necessities), i’m going to the indoor rainhouse – the bathroom. so there goes the day.

vita di amore! toodles.



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