evil-ness owns the house.

part of entry deleted for certain unwanted reasons.

hah. sorry bout such beechiness.

procrastination nation, here i come.

10pm. compsci project;; engl68 hwssss;; span1 lab. – very important;; sew clothes;; clean stuff;; sleep.

see? that’s a freaking lot and here i am listening to JT’s sexy back which is finally ending and crossfading to Take me as I am. that song was hollered out on my other entry. well anyway, i’ll get back to ranting after i finish my spanish lab.

guess what?! i had to listen to 33+ tracks of spanish speaking greatness. lemme try some. es la una y media de la manana y no me gusta estudiar espanol, computacion y ingles! leche! mwahaha. so yea, i’m cramming this homework even if i’m 99.9% sure that she won’t accept it cause i’m 48 hours late. dang. i’m so tired. after this, i still have to do read and make notes then review for computer and do the whole chapter for english. freakin school. check this… http://tuleni.hit.bg/indexeng.html those people should die first before those seals. i’m dying here. someone please splash a bucket of water on my face. wake me, o great splashers of water. let thy great powers wake me. dang.




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