i hated myself yesterday

because i forgot to do the lab part of my spanish class which meant losing 10% of my grade.

tis the first time i didn’t get to write here. hah. vanity is an understated word for such a weekend. before that…lemme greet tita taan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TITA TAAN!!!

they’re all getting old. nyahaha. i got this really weird but nice dream. i got home and they(my family) took me to some cliff where the edge was walled with glass so that people won’t jump out. there were movie posters and the view of the terrain was nice. then we went to a store. i saw blueberry there!!! they were playing or something. i’m not sure but i butted in and after some time i went to browse the stuff. the store had a varied selection all the way from food to sporting goods. as i was about to exit, i saw nee there and i cried and hugged him. this is the weird part. mom took our picture then i saw myself hugging him still. then i had to wake up already. 😐

wish i’d really see you all. 😦

i actually miss my room in tita taan’s place. my clothes and all my other things are scattered here and the place is such a mess (to begin with). all my titas’ kikay paraphernalia are keeping me from concentrating on my studies. all their things are sooo fun to look at. para kong nagwwindow shopping sa loob ng bahay nila.

i don’t like HER. please. don’t force me to talk and befriend her cause she’s just off the list. she’s too snobby. di ko sha feel. hehe. oh and yea, tita irene is right hahahaha.

more stuff to do cause i gotta get ready for the birthday dinner plus my precalculus class.

.vita di amore. toodles!



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