oh joy.

how stupid can it get? i fell asleep while they were announcing the winners of project runway. OH WOW. then while my eyes were closed, tita gina changed the channel. i woke up 5 minutes after the show ended. great. just great. the show haunted me in my dreams like a freak show.

today’s list? laundry, precalc homeworksss, engl68 5 sentence outline, review in csci110 and in span1+workbook and LAB, and more laundry. i have two bags of dirty clothes since last saturday. what’s up with that?

you may notice that i’m not really making any sense in writing anymore – even if i have english writing as a great subject. haha. i’m not in the mood to write – oh and there’s nothing oh so great to write about.

that was this morning. this is now. err…let’s spill. typhoon milenyo’s totally driving me nuts. there’s no one my age to talk with. there’s this nagging headache i can’t get rid of. my eyes are practically glued to the telly on thursday nights, so someone please buy me those contacts or repair both my wasted glasses? šŸ˜€ did you know that it’s fun to stalk? i mean, really. hahahaha.

during these times, when i’ve got nothing left to do but go emo or something, you’ll probably guess that i’m homesick and i’ll probably tell you you’re right. i’ve been looking at some other people’s multiply photos and gosh, i do miss them. i miss those black haired not so hairy friends of mine. hahaha. yeah, they’re all hairy here. HAHA. sheeesh. i better go sleep since i have a long day of cleaning the house tomorrow… oh and i have to paint too. tita taan’s telling me it could earn big bucks. haha. i wish. announcement to stalking bugs, pics in my multiply have been uploaded.

mom and i are talking right now. oh great. THAT seeped in. i despise THAT. fine. i’ll dissolve any written opinion about THAT. did you know that uhm err… i don’t know it either.

vita di amore. toodles.



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