woah today’s friday?!

that’s so weird. i thought today’s only uhm the day between thursday and friday. ooh if only we had 8 days in a week. 3 weekends, 5 weekdays. haha. i’m too lazy to do anything productive today so maybe i’ll just take a long bath or swim till my heart starts pumping gatorade. did you know that they ask for your id whenever buying red bull or those other power drinks? yeah, that’s simply understated.

my california id says i’m going to be 18 next year and 21 on 2011 which means i can’t can’t can’t slip through casinos to tap the machines till 2001!!! haha. too sad.

six degrees was nice. ugly betty here is betty la fea way back in pinas. isn’t that so fab? doh. yeah okay. ooh doritos.

this morning, i decided to write PRODUCTIVITY on my forehead and it stuck. the laundry room is now half-clean. (i wasn’t able to reach the high shelves and the bottom boxes.) the pantry is also half-clean. (the pool was so tempting that i left the pantry to swim.) the pool is also clean. (doh. i had to swim in it didn’t i?)

the drawer beside the stove is also clean. oh and i got freebies. hehehe. free coins. 3 tubes of moisturizers, one brand new wet n wild lipstick (that’s tita lyn’s), a nemo keychain, nicki’s old milk bottle, some other stuff and last but not least… a coin sorter with taz on it. how cool is that?


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