HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHES! (long post ahead)

You looked soooo great!  oh. and YOU’RE SO RICH NOW! hehehe

This afternoon, I rode with T.Irene to Walmart to buy Cheska’s dvd gift but it wasn’t there so we crossed to Target. There, we got lost but thankfully, we ended up with cheska’s gift. I wrapped her gift in the car then we fetched tita gina and loli all the way from home. There were plenty of people in their place and i didn’t know the guests so i simply tailed tita irene. While eating, i was joking manang that “i’m more beautiful than tita irene even if they say that we look alike even if we don’t” then tita gina frenzied up to a homily and said that i shouldn’t say that i’m beautiful – i should wait for other people to tell me that. dude, i’m not even serious when i said that. tita irene, manang and i were joking at that time. right in the middle of a party – right in the middle of our dinner – she really had to do that, didn’t she? UGH. whyyyy. (just like this morning. tita irene said don’t eat the peas in the soup cause they’re not cooked yet. after what seemed less than 3 minutes, tita gina sat beside me then ate the soup and said…”eeek! di pa luto yung greenpeas! ang tigas tigas pa!” and i said “kakasabi lang nga dba?” then with a serious menacing look on her face and a righteous tone on her voice, she reprimanded “kakatikim ko lang nga kasi!”. oh goodness. this is getting us nowhere.)

back to cheska’s party. i joined cheska, camille (her sister), marianne (her friend), chiqui?(her cousin’s cousin), and some of her other cousins. they were fooling around with the basketball till someone said “let’s play patintero!” HAHAHA. we ended up going inside. tita taan said we should leave already so i changed my clothes (into red) then went out. we left and headed for the angels stadium in anaheim. oh anaheim is rocking the butts off people. it’s soooo wonderful. (cause there’s disneyland, angels center, duck’s area and yeaaah more disney stuff). we had to park all the way across the stadium cause tita taan can’t find the entrance to the nearer parking area. anyway, when we got there, i was awed. as in. total dumbfoundedness struck my enlarged eyes and dropped jaw. the place was full of people…food&drink stands…posters…souvenirs…and yea, red (the angels color). the angels were losing when we got there. tita bebe bought me this cookie ice cream sandwich and sheeeeesh, that tasted like an angel from heaven made it. hahaha. the people did THE WAVE!!! it went on for three rounds. tita irene and i stood when the wave hit our place. hehe.

by the 6th inning, tita taan wanted to go back to cheska’s place to play poker. okay. so we left. at the exact moment that we went out of the stadium, fireworks hit the sky and music was booming the place. what happened? kennedy made a home run and the ball hit the place where we sat earlier. OH GREAT. 😐 we walked all the way and while walking, they played the song take me to the ball game or something. it’s nice. it’s oh so american.

back in cheska’s place, i found the kiddos playing touch football or something. some were playing a ps2 game. just then, cheska by the porch while watching them play. we played cards. blackjack. i didn’t win on any of my hits. haha. too bad. then they played poker and i passed cause i don’t know how. pfft. chiqui won several times even though it was her first time to play the game. haha. after that, i just walked around and meddled with other people’s business like tita taan’s poker game (i became her barista), kris’ ps game (i just watched), tita gina’s buko pandan request (i was supposed to give her some but i ended up finishing the whole two servings). finally, i went up and saw cheska with her sister and cousin and tita there. they were burning their aunt/cousin a cd. after that, people were starting to go home so we just stayed and waited till they were all gone. we cleaned the place and listened to their other cousin’s phone playlist and watched the kiddos play ps2. i got a silver drawing on my right hand due to a severe state of ennui, too. cheska wanted me to draw on her hand so i did. haha. we watched the taped project runway. camille went first and slept already.btw, the angels won. they started a losing game but THEY SURELY WON.
while waiting for tita taan, ches and i were talking and she was sad that the day had ended already. she said that there’s nothing more to look forward to and that’s so sad. i told her, there’s still your prom (who’s your date?ahaha), your first driving lesson,  your 18th birthday (when you turn legal! haha. but that’s 3 years from now)… but she meant the one’s in the near future. so there’s veronica mars… and KNOTTS SCARY FARM. that trip’s going to be a serious one, not to mention, they’re going to joke on it. i know how some things can mean really serious on some people and how other people react on it badly cause they don’t want what’s going to happen. i can’t force them but i’ll give her another chance. i agreed on it with tita taan. i’m going with them…unless i have midterms or quizzes or something. HEHEHE.

they’re all going on like “oh she’s the girl who just came from the philippines and she’s on a student visa!” uhm okay, i have a name you know…and i’m not 13 or 14 or 15. gosh. if i can’t look my age, how am i going to look 18 then? too baaad. i’m so homesick right now. hehe.  i miiiiiss everybody back home (though i don’t have to cry in parties, you know. :p) ooooh. if i save up, i’d buy and get a voip connection and that would probably be one of the closest things i can get to being back home. so come on people. let’s invest.

ches is now officially pimpin 15. oh yea.




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