school’s back

not that it even ended, doh. because i don’t have a key to the house, the printer’s not accessible at the moment. the yogurt pack is stuck in the ref and it’s going to expire any moment now. my other clothes are left unnoticed, how sad. haha. one more thing i hate? chloe’s in a pet hotel. oh, and i’m broke and i neeeeeeed/want to buy that Dell XPS M2010! It’s like the laptop of all laptops, minus the fact that it’s not a tablet. pfft. either that or a gateway/toshiba tablet and i’m all set. HEHEHE.

tita irene was telling me her high school life. she said she was in every party and school activity possible. every weekend was party weekend. haha. how fun was that? oh lala. lsgh had gals and kundirana then. yeah, lsgh love runs in the family. yihee. hahaha. they had CAT too. tita taan and tita irene were the party people. tita lyn was the nerd daw hahaha. i guess people were wild back then… until our generation came along. hahaha.

to force myself to study would be an awfully big adventure.

cause i’m pretty obssessed with studying (sheesh), i wrote the page i was on with every song that came up. guess what my average is? 1.5 to 2 pages per song. HAHA. yikes. gosh i even had daydreams and such between songs. oh pleeeease. i miss nee 😦


okay that was last night. this is tonight. guess what happened today? I FLUNKED MY QUIZ IN COMPSCI. wuhoo. BUMMER!!! i didn’t know what to do. it was basically changing and getting the value of the hex thing. i didn’t know that they get it by fours, not by set/eights. pfft. english was a boooore. SHE DIDN’T TEACH. all she did was let us answer two chapters of our book, edit our outlines and talk with our partners. she then read chosen outlines in front (so the class would get the idea what to do. she wrote great on my paper. like okay? hahaha. for heck’s sake, i wrote epitomize there and derrick was like EPITOMIZE?! HUH?! hahahahaha) waaaaw english, wow me more. spanish was fun. time flew by cause of the thing with adjectives and yeah, i can say bad adjectives in spanish now. haha. but the thing is, I STILL FLUNKED THE QUIZ. ogalimynoodlebroke.demit.

more narcissistic pictures uploaded in multiply. they WILL multiply in number. calculus is breaking my back right now (not brokeback okay?). i’m doing our past assignments and i feel so dumb. what in the world is wrong with this head? someone please help me love studying again. i’m having a one sided relationship with studying. maybe it’s not even one sided. haha. it’s like, there’s a fine line between studying and driving myself mad. i think i’ve gone off to the latter.

anywhatwhowhenwherewhohowway, i better get back to breaking my back and numbing my hand and maddening(yep. just like mad cow. know what happens to their brains? their neurotic organ turns into sponge or noodle or mush or whatever.) myself. toodles.

nee, take goooood care.amishoo 🙂


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