if this is what numbers are supposed to do to people then let me please live without them. heh. i’ve been solving problems over and over in the past 12 hours and it’s taking its toll. i’m beginning to get bad daydreams, like okay, i’m afraid. tita irene and loli and i had this girl talk last night and sheesh, don’t ever ever say that please. my brain shut itself down 1098327192387 years ago but i’m trying to revive it BUT it won’t. 😐

oh joy.

mood setter: iris – goo goo dolls but sang by rockapella. daaaang. “i don’t want to be alone” 🙂

finally, i’m on my second to the last chapter hw. whew. i haaate not catching up in school. it’s like an understatement of stupidity.

gosh. i just remembered. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA. it’s oct 4 now in pinas. wuhoo. i miss her uber much. much love.

after much thinking, i’ve finally convinced myself about different realities. it’s about time i have. 🙂


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