i wasted seven pages and 8 hours on that paper.

with a song stuck in my head and some major back pains, how can one sleep? one must do a little blogging first! haha. okay whatever.

it’s 4 in the morning and i’ve just finished the most overdone essay in my whole life. i’m overestimating this english class cause the front of my mind says it’s college and i should do my best but the back of my mind says no, don’t cause she teaches like it’s way back in grade school so give her a grade school-level paper. pfft. so much for alter egos, eh?

after writing seven pages of coke crap, i’m ready to drink more coke! haha. the title was The Real Thing – Are You Sure? pfft. sucky title. sucky essay. sucky topic: advertising propaganda techniques. i didn’t even discuss the techniques. i only considered the advertising part hehe. oh and please listen to their jingle I’d Like To Give The World A Coke. it’s short so you can download it easily. šŸ˜€

happy birthday mama!

tireless hiccups gone. dream land here i come. @_@ corny. toodles.


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