daydream it. will it.

this blog met some entry lapses this week: i don’t know why.

(i’m writing this for oct.5)

i thought today’s going to be something above the norm of my daily unparalleled sarcastic college life. but it didn’t turn out that way. i woke up after a night full of sleep-walking and stripping. yea, i was so tired and sleepy that i didn’t know how it turned out that my jumper and jacket were all over the place when i woke up. i didn’t even change. eeek. though it was such a mindless night, i learned something – if you sleep deep enough, you won’t notice how frigid it is. anyway, as i woke up, i didn’t think of studying yet so i played with chloe and photoshopped a bit. it’s been weeks since i last tried editing and coming up with stuff. after lunch, tita taan picked me up and dropped me off near the library. lotz had already gone home so i went by myself to wherever i pleased, which was the student services center. i scheduled an appointment with our adviser, nancy king. in that building, i dropped my jacket twice. the first one was intentional – so i can grab my bag and ID; the second was unintentional and it sucked cause i was on the first floor when i realized i dropped it on the second while going down. no one even mentioned it to me – unlike in the library, the friendly person even crossed the room to pick it up. hah. thanks šŸ™‚

the place was oven hot that’s why i picked a literally cool seat in the library. after ryan’s class, he sat by and studied a bit then went off for his advising appointment. after that, we walked to our department and he saw his crush! awww. hahaha. dude, go for it. hahaha. during class time, my seatmate asked me if i took physics. i said yes, in highschool. then he asked me if i’m still in highschool and i replied no, why, do i look like i’m still in highschool? and he said, you do look like you’re still in highschool.

oh that’s nice. so that’s why people look at me like i’m a young kid lost in some big institution or something. haha. anyway, the whole class time was spent on reviewing our homeworks/study guide for the quiz. would you believe it? they give reviewers and all those fancy things unlike in highschool where teachers sum it all up in 5 minutes or so then head on for the quiz. these teachers are such wondrous creatures. aaah.

tonight, we watched ugly betty, grey’s anatomy, 6 degrees, late night blahs and the news. oh gosh. what’s with people and school these days? they’re killing people and that. is. not. right. absolutely. not.

it’s past my bedtime. there are two things that made me write up to this late. one, i’m waiting for nee’s reply. two, my skin feels so good cause it’s been more than 2 months since i last had a facial scrub. haha. one seems like he’s waiting for me to wake up cause it’s late already and two looks like this fresh face won’t last long cause i’m probably going to pay the fee for sleeping late and that would mean pimples a few hours from now. there’s my face and my heart. take care of it :p

daydreams are good if you will them to be. i hope i have enough will to make them come true, though. šŸ™‚ like setting up the longest bridge to connect the philippines and this big mass of land. hehe.


ps. when i once said that i’m a masochist, take not that i’m on the moderate level. no humongous needles, pins, stretching or compressing machines please. haha. sheeeesh. i saw pictures of other slightly extreme masochists and they were out of this known world. @_@ this applies if you understand what i mean. heh.



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