and it goes like this.

hit me.


i slept early last night: 11pm. and woke up late today: 11am. the rest of the day was filled with making notes; downloading music (i don’t know what has gotten into me to download more than 250 songs. :|); browsing other people’s multiply pages and blogs; checked my mail; etc. etc. etc. the making notes part isn’t even halfway done yet cause my procedural principle goes like this: write a sentence. use computer for 15 minutes and listen to songs. rinse and repeat till fade.

now i know why i got constipated yesterday: the milk on my cheerios was 6 days past its expiry date. maybe it’s because of the expiry thing or i’m just lactose intolerant. asians usually have that tummy irritation with milk unlike americans who are used to drinking milk all their lives.

my study habits are putting my educational life into jeopardy. someone save me. haha. my mind has turned into soup. mushroom soup with croutons. oh boy.

tonight we watched the guardian featuring kevin cosner and ashton kutcher. ooh ashton. hahaha. such a crybaby :p one thing they kept on saying there was let go.

just when i’m done with my multiply background, multiply’s screwed up. huwaw. there are times when i want to be emo but i remember someone emo and people don’t like that person. HAHA. sheeeeesh. now i’m pissed off big time. i’ve downloaded borland c++ twice and the following programs, too: dev-c++, poweriso, quincy, turbo c++ and some of poweriso’s old versions. guess what? they’re all screwed up. or it’s just me. daaaang. i’ve wasted on full day on trying them out and the simple and standard input output library won’t work. wth is wrong with this. why won’t it work??? someone heeeelp me :((



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