not me. nu uh. i’m in denial, let’s mean it. ngarr. i downloaded numerous c-compilers and ended up using the first one. it took me at least 20 hours to realize how the thing works. i even discovered that by reading a tutorial site. HEH. kuya ejay helped me too. haha. i’m such an airhead. i didn’t know how to open the command prompt. CMD LANG PALA.

last night, i couldn’t sleep cause i was hyped up to study and finish my project but then my alter ego, procrastination, made me chat so my school-related ventures were put aside. the background on my multiply still sucks. haha. but check it out if you want to. 😀 click here! and here too! today, i’ll be finishing everything if i can cause i have a lot more activities waiting to be done. i need a personal assistant. HAHA. oh and a dream analyzer too. my dreams are getting freakier and more vivid by the night!

thanks to all the people who helped me understand programming in C. HAHA. dang.

anyway, this morning, we went to church. there was this family and the girl there was unidentifiable. i mean, her age was, to say the least. she’s petite and she looked young but the clothes, oh please, the whole ensemble. a puffy puffy top with a belt, tight fitted deconstructed jeans, slippers, oh and here goes. she had layered pearls drapering her neck, shoulder-sweeping chandelier earrings, big shades on her forehead and thick thick thiiiick make up. we can’t tell if she’s the daughter or if she’s the mother. haha. okay i’m mean. @_@

the wanton soup and entree that tita taan ordered were yummmmmeh.  after lunch, we went to michael’s. they have every art thing imaginable. wahaha. it’s like art heaven. the stuff were expensive compared with what we have in the philippines. think of some paintbrush sets (cheap ones at that) that cost 10-25 bucks. waw. i’ll splurge on art supplies when i get home. haha.  i bought this 18 color acrylic set, a palette board and the 12-piece nylon brush set. i have to practice so i can make art and eventually moolah. hahaha. thanks tita taan 😀

i’m almost done with reviewing in csci. oh thank god.




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