shalala my oh my.

i’m not supposed to be writing but what the heck, i deserve a break from the ill-perceived csci110 midterms. in the given situation that i studied more than i answered is absolutely unflattering. my eyebags are flying up to china because of a great lack in sleep. my tummy’s big cause i have to either eat more than i can digest or pass on eating (it gets bloated with air). the great irony in my wonderful metabolically pronounced hormonal body is that my pimples are saying au revoir to my skin. hah.

the good news: 3 days to go till weekend comes. saturday is shopping day. thursday is late night day(i get to go online and yeah). friday is rest day. sunday is cramming/bumming day. oh yay for good days.

the bad news: they say the bad outnumbers the good. hah. lemme help the person who said that. i got corrected for having such a colorful sentence during english class. haha. precalc quiz tomorrow. span1 and engl68 quiz on wednesday. i looked like some lost kid in the lab this morning. i’ll be staying up late to study and do something for someone tonight. this isn’t hell week yet, i guess. this is not even a taste-test or glimpse or whatnot of hell week. it’s a normal week gone poco malo, a little bad.  oh speaking of spanish, i haven’t mastered it yet.

anyway, i’ll watch heroes, then do rej’s project then study a little then sleep. sounds good.

it’s fall now. izz cold. brr.



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