after a lifeless weekend + two more straight days of burrowing my nose down on leaves and leaves of math and computer, i’d be spending this third night on what can i say, more studying. 😐  maybe this is the last day of studying and surely after stressing myself with education, the next probable step is worrying about what i will get. i’m a bit worried about the precalc test i took this afternoon because it’s subzero hard even if it shouldn’t be. i wasn’t able to answer the given things on my reviewer cause i was once too lazy to study. then, they all showed up on the exam. oh dear.

remember bollocks? sheep? noodle? balloons? oh joy? the new thing is oh dear and even i don’t know why it’s “the new thing”. hah. anyway, i’m going to sleep early tonight so that i can wake up early (unlike last night: i alarmed at 430 and woke up at 6 or 7).

good stuff. lotz and ryan introduced me to their repapips. hahahaha. oh dear. i forgot their names. haha. anyway, it was fun fun cause we were laughing most of the time. oh and lotz cut half of her class cause she wanted to. i kind of envy those people who can allow themselves to get tardies and absences and such. i’m most of the time not satisfied with myself.

check multiply’s shopping area. haha. yeah, people shop there now. the stuff these people sell are so expensive. i have the same product and i got that here for half the price. isn’t that so fab? hahaha. that thought leads me to another connected thought which is… oh dear. shopping weekend coming up.

time to sleep. i have 10 hours left till i leave for school again. pfft.

pardon my indifference, or if you may want to call it, freaky sarcasm. it’s just annoying sometimes.



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