nightmares should die part 2.

dream diary(haha): as early as 530, my mind went crazy and alive. why? the dream was so tragic that i had to wake up cause i would’ve died if i knew what was coming. everyone was dead/dying. dang. first, someone really important to me died. then, someone wanted to kill someone and at first i didn’t even know what was happening so i helped her kill another. oh dear. then i met people when my dad and i were trying to prove who killed her. all of a sudden, i was in a room with several people trying to solve the case (even though i knew who really killed her). when i went out, i had to burn some papers but we were in a desert and the al qaeda were hovering past our midst trying to kill bush and my family. so we went horseback riding (which flew) off to washington. HAHA. oh dear. the flight was fast cause i didn’t notice how i got to a mall with someone tugging me and asking me three things: what my favorite place is, what my err i forgot the second question, and what were my top three favorite songs or something. transportation occurs really fast in dreams and i don’t know why cause i was already in a room with his friends and they were telling me how he died (the first person who did). i couldn’t stand it so i forced myself to wake up. that’s like, dang, do i have to live to know that i dreamed about that?

i can’t sleep cause i’m waiting for trina to tell me when i can speak with mommy. wah i miss mami. šŸ˜¦

nothing so significant has happened today, yet, so i’m flyin off.

in the process of self-actualization, i actually learn some things. that’s comforting. instead of dramatizing my life, i’m going to cut that ingredient short and add more art and yes, life itself. from watching thursday shows, i can get some facts straight. i mean, i’ve been feeling a bit off lately. haha. it’s not that i take the shows seriously or anything but i do get some stuff there.

***stuff cut from this point***

life isn’t like the movies. life is in 3D, and it tastes better too.

that doesn’t matter much, does it?



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