100 blouses.

what sets people apart isn’t measured in monetary terms. their divisions are according to the attitudes and manners they have. okay. enough with the annoyance thing. i so got into it that i forgot to finish the rest of the book.

blank stares. top american universities site. transfer info. dear jamie, sincerely me. gay video on youtube. the world is starting to crumble. haha.


i hate myself for having such a strong urge to browse the internet. yesterday, i remembered that we were going shopping supposedly today. i searched the net which ones i’d like to buy. (cause they don’t like me just browsing: it takes a whole day to shop like that.) the weather forecast predicted heavy thunderstorms. tita irene wanted to stay at home. oh great.

now i’m stuck with my subconscious strongly urging me to buy online. WHY OH WHY?! hahaha. christian louboutin please. i’m becoming more materialistic as the day progresses. blame that to my aunts. tita irene had bags of new stuff yesterday just because they were nice-looking. šŸ˜

if i’m going to make a list of all the things i’m planning to buy for mother dear, trina loves and me, that would take more than half of this whole page. ohhhh please.

instead of blankly staring at the computer screen for hours, i tried painting. though this isn’t such a feat, i’m sure i hurt my back doing it. haha. i’m getting fat, i guess. but my weight’s ironically going down. oh lemme shop tomorrow. pleeease. haha. ennui is driving me insane.



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