lost.// CLASS sets you from the rest.

i don’t know what just happened but i’m sure pissed. we haven’t planned about the concert, yet – i guess they forgot. haha. i remembered it because i’m uber spanking bored and stuck at home.

this is the first and longest time that i controlled my urges to switch cause i’m bored and fed up with something – like school and my metabolism. eek. if only i can turn flour into DOUGH. haha. yea, bills with dead presidents’ heads on them. then the dough will turn into…tadadadah. xps m2010. the freakiest entertainment notebook i’ve ever seen.
can’t wait for tomorrow. shopping time.

my artistic ego is telling me not to sleep and continue on with my artistic dreaming/planning then further move on down the trail. hahaha. wtf. did you know they sell pei pa koa and the yummy Korean noodles here too? O.o

moving on. it’s a part of our english class. the only thing they talk about is what annoys them. i’ll drink to that. here’s to my pre-midlife concerns, rants and sarcastic attitude. not that people really listen to me or anything but please consider these daily annoyances. if you feel like i hit you or something, that’s not my problem. this is stated in general and i know it’ll help someday.

vainness. vained. vaining. vainous. vainalicious. vainism. to people adding suffixes to the word vain, please don’t. in almost every album there’s that vain word. i myself am guilty of using that. haha. but please let’s cut the vanity off our lives and use a synonym or something instead. it’s overrated. common. nasty. pointless. ugly. haha.

“dito na me” “ok na you?” beh. bhie. stuffs. friggin. frick. shuck (shit and fuck).  i’ve heard them say these things in school. i’ve used some too. HAHAHA. WTF. big deal: they don’t exist, so stop making them. just a tip: use the word stuffs as a verb and not as a noun. the plural of stuff is stuff. try looking it up at dictionary.com. it doesn’t state the plural version of the word because it doesn’t have one. i explained that so you’d understand your pitiful ways.

skin. don’t show it off. you’re not a porn-star. you’re well-educated people (let’s just assume that, haha). proclaiming it to the whole wide world that you’re naked isn’t going to work either.

unidentifiably shortened text and wrong pronoun usage, grammar and composition. know and now and no. too and to. you, your and you’re. it, it’s and its. they, their and they’re. get the difference??? oh please tell me you’ve studied them before and you’re just kidding me. correct spelling = class: cussing = worthlessness.

hypocrisy. don’t go to church and pray every night and say bad stuff all the time. tell me you were kidding when you said “don’t think of yourself. think of other people’s inconveniences.” but you make other people go back and drive for you. don’t tell other people not to drink if you yourself are a hard drinker. don’t tell them they look ugly if you haven’t looked at the mirror yet.
procrastination. i’m such a good daughter of this. wahaha. someday, time will run too fast that procrastination won’t be able to slow it down. it’s not healthful. the worst combination i’ve experienced with this, so far, is perfection. you can’t be perfect if you’re mind is too pressured to work properly and time is ticking away. it won’t turn out fine.

plans. people like planning but most of the time, in what i’ve experienced, things won’t work out just as it was perceived to be. when will we all learn to plan and go for it properly?

terrorists. the bombs are nothing. you die; you die. that simple. you hear bad stuff and know secrets; you live to keep the tale or maybe, you even aggravate the situation by spreading some ill-conceived news about other people. mind your own business and people won’t fight back. what’s better?

one more thing. please, never ever show your butt cracks nor your panties (esp. when they’re multicolored or shaped like tiny cutout papers with cartoon characters and doodles scribbled on them). that’s ostentatiously repulsive. it makes me want to strangle you to take them off and change. one word. CHEAP.

what can be more revolting?


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