obsession nation

In order to avoid insanity, we (T.Irene, T.Taan, T.Bebe and I) went to a place where many things are sold at unbelievably great prices. I started the day with cien and ended it with cuarenta. Now, I’m dying to spend it on new shoes. Pumps, platforms and boots, please. I found a Christian Louboutin pair in Ebay and no one was bidding on it even if it’s sooooo cheap. dang. My wardrobe will have to welcome the attack of the skulls. I bought a lot of tees with that print – even a headband. I’m so pleased that I lost sixty bucks for sweet nothings today. I don’t know why. oh dear.

Someone please hold me back. HAHA. There will come a time that I won’t be able to control myself and I’ll probably use my mom’s credit card extension. šŸ˜

Toodles. -I’m controlling myself remember?

edit. I’m here in my computer class waiting for the other students and for the discussion to start. This is going to be a looong day. oh please. tell me the stars are aligned tonight for shopping. haha.


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