don’t tell me

dreamland fed me several dreams tonight. some were about what will happen today. would anyone assure me that we’re not eating chicken in max’s? oh and i’m not doing any strenuous activity cause i’d rather sweat in some hot weather than have chills and pneumonia because i’m cold wet with mantequilla out in the open air. okay? well, that’s just about the dream. if they do come true, i’m going nuts.

i used to hate tuesdays and thursdays. now, instead of loving mondays and wednesdays, i despise them. tuesdays and thursdays are now happy days. reasons? one, i don’t have to wake up really early. two, it’s relevantly easier than those three classes. three, i get to wait in the freezing cold by the stop light every time! haha. four, it’s either the class goes really really fast or really really slow. five, our teacher knows me and he told me i did well in his test. HAHA.

pochi, my everyday stress-reliever is now gone. that’s okay. i’ll buy some from some store, if there is such a store. what reigns in the deep dark side of my brain is how i despise something, yet i can’t do anything about it.

do you know the feeling when someone doesn’t do anything but you’re still full of hate or some other mean expression? i don’t know why but if i take a shower, will it go away? i want to go out today. i’ve been awake since 2 in the morning. it’s like i wake up then sleep again then wake up and sleep again. repeat till someone’s ears fall off. sleeping intervals/wakes? 2,5:30,6,6:30,6:32,6:35,6:50,7,7:10,7:20,7:35….. blah. DESPICABLE. i wanted to go online but the wireless connection was shut down.

anyway, off to some place where all the bad elements will go away: shower. then to my wonderful closet. it’s really relaxing when i look at the color-coded wardrobe. haha. then to the fridge or to my secret stack of chips. hahaha.



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