saturday swimming.

instead of staying here, i’m planning to clean the pool and swim there. i’d rather be alone than get stuck in a bucket of water with err… nevermind. halloween’s coming up and we haven’t had any plans yet. i’m not sure whether there will be a nice party to attend to or there will be some trick or treating. life here isn’t as fun as it looks on television.

warning to all people. secure your files. make sure your programs don’t show up as the computer starts up because you’ll get in some pretty big mayhem. or so i thought.

why don’t i like THAT??? someone tell me why being such a split-personality-stereotypical-emo person won’t work? hmm. don’t tell me that i’m emo cause i’m not the one with the dark aura all the time. oh, i don’t speak slang but heck, i’m not underwhelmingly bad news either. let me pleeeease not see that again and life will be so much better. even my mom got infuriated when she found out what happened. it’s just a matter of privacy oh and, i’ll stop befriending you cause you don’t seem too friendly with me. it’s like, okay i’m the one who keeps asking stuff all the time and you’re just there to answer them. ever learned how a normally effective conversation goes? ever wonder why i’m even talking to you? <line deleted>
shame. that’s the title of our english essay.

i’m ashamed because i can’t just force myself to be kind to people. i’m ashamed because i tend to splurge on unnecessary things. i’m ashamed because i sat in the same table with such a sloth. ever thought of helping out or simply getting your butt off the couch? i’m ashamed because i’m here and i’m not making the most of it. i’m ashamed because this sentence pattern is getting so boring that no one’s actually reading it. haha. well, let’s say i am not proud of myself (not much hahaha) but you shouldn’t be with yours either (you even had to get reprimanded SEVERAL times to take those muffins off your lobes for ETIQUETTE.) i can’t believe you’re still hanging on to your old alma mater’s name though you can’t even live up to the morals they teach you.(do they actually teach in that place? balita ko porma at salita lang dun.)
benefit of the doubt: youth does get in the way to propriety and grace.

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