hakuna matata.

i can’t believe it’s already 6pm and my butt’s still facing the seat cushion. productivity ceased to enter my room today. i forced it by painting something but then the scanner’s not working so there’s no use in posting it. i’m missing my home. even if there’s no mochi (as far as i know) in the philippines, there’s still my family. here, the whole family’s overrated and every small thing gets blown up the size of 10 elephants on top of one another.

i’m currently reviving my deviantart account cause i’m painting so why not, right? i saw some bands’ tour scheds and oh gosh, they’re coming here. someone watch with me please. haha.

i though i got promoted to 90 but when i looked at the scale this evening, it read: 87.0 šŸ˜ why oh why do i have to go doooown. come to think of it, i’ve got 4 days of walking around the campus along with weight lifting HAHA. i bring 5 books (big notebook included), 1 bottle of water, kikay stuff, plus a lot of food.

time to eat.
i HAVE to get off this seat.//edit//

i did get off my seat to eat some more. we watched V for Vendetta a while ago. May I say that no matter how many times I watch the movie, i still don’t get it. kidding. i’m still amazed by the depth of the whole story. the idea that enveloped the whole movie is enthralling. anyway, i’m sitting on my bed wondering why i’m still up and why i want to swim tomorrow even if i really want to sleep. i want to stay asleep not just sleep like some crazy little sloth. should i drink benadryl? HAHAHA. oh, i drank my two day old arrowhead bottle. 3/4 of the water is still there so i drank a quarter of it. now my lips smell like nicki’s breath. eek. better go brush.

i don’t feel like you care. should i return the favor?



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