i want to watch the concert but i’m getting tired of fancy ‘friends’, so i’m cutting the story short: not you. haha.

ohhh and my back hurts so i’m going to bed. bought a pair of pumas today. wuhoo.


yesterday, we went to church really early then went home to eat. tita lyn cooked. after that, we headed for kohls to buy shoes. i didn’t buy anything there since i didn’t like them. tita lyn ended up buying anyway. haha. after that, we went to nordstrom rack and i wanted a lot of those shoes. i experienced the selfishness this materialistic world can bring. after an hour of looking, i bought a pair of brown and pink pumas. they’re so nice. i’m going to post a picture someday. haha.

after that, we bought a boba then dropped ches and camille back home. i had nothing left to do but pick whether i wanted to study or sew. who wants to study anyway? i tried sewing tita lyn’s pants. after several hours of stitching and unstitching and marking and cutting, i finished four pairs of pants and destroyed one. hahaha. oh deeear. it was already altered but i cut it anyway cause i wasn’t looking. doh.

tita taan picked me up to go to target. i don’t like the shoes there. pfft.  they bought me a shampoo, lotion and moisturizer for fall. things can get pretty dry here, you know. we ate at mcdo then went home. i told tita taan that i wanted to go to a concert but someone thought she’s coming. err… that’s kind of a i’m-going-with-my-friends-and-you’re-not-one-of-them-and-you’re-too-young-even-if-you-look-totally-older-than we-do-so-i’m-not-babysitting-you thing. hehehe.
this morning, i’m pretty sure that i’ll not take a bath. HAHAHAHA. i took one before i slept. i’m still clean right? lolll. just a quick shower will do cause even if i woke up really early, i’m still in front of the computer wishing i’m back home. i just found out that my csci finals will coincide with my flight. i haaave to reschedule it.

i just found out that these headbands are ultimately overrated. tita lyn told me they’re for halloween. camille told her they’re all over the place and skulls aren’t just for halloween. how about that? should i get my hair shaved now???

ah. i see go tarts beside me and they’re inviting me to get my butt off this seat and get a life. i’ll go follow.

after all the shopping, i’m broke, or maybe, near-to-death broke. i have to save at least a grand (kidding) unless i want to stay at home for almost three months. hehehe. my dad and i are such impulsive buyers, and i don’t know why. my aunts are telling me that we’re also both hypochondriacs. O.o

if only i can work AND study AND party HAHA. pfft. toodles.


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