fits and fists.

instead of swimming and running the whole morning, tita irene decided to take me to the market with her. we walked all around it and guess what i got in the end? two pieces of concealers. one for me, if ever. and one for trina. hahah.  we got to loli’s place by lunch. it was such a miracle that tita gina’s cooking. ugh. was it just because tito rene was there? oh deaaaar. i liked the food but not the nagging part that preceded it.

cheska and i decided to go to the mall. hah. that was my first time to go to the mall without a tita. hahahaha. ches, marianne(her friend) and i went to different stores. i bought something for kuleng! haha. anyway, too many things happened there. the first halloween stores were so great and some even had these naughty stuff. HAHAHAHA. we ate pretzels. i wanted to buy these shoes but eugh. something just wasn’t right with them.  anyway, window shopping + real shopping is good. too bad cheska’s jacket got abandoned by the cashier! we should’ve bought those.

tita irene picked us up. she got starbucks. we ate dinner at cheska’s house. tito rene showed us some wild youtube videos. haha. gosh those japanese pranks are mean. anyway, i’m here at tita lyn’s place having a sleepover with ches and kris. we watched xmen-3 a while ago. tita gina’s furious about waking early tomorrow for church. oh great. so anyway, while listening to her constant nagging again, we all tried to cooperate. i was brushing my teeth and closing the door so i really had to kick the door or it’ll get wet. the bang was a little louder than expected. when she came out of the bathroom, she uttered, “trisha wag mo kong dinadabugan ah. hindi ako parang nanay mo” dang. when i got in, oh if only i could tell her without really offending her or disrespecting her in any way, i told the four walls, “dude, you’re not my mother. you’re far from her.” ugh. how can she be a mom if she can’t even cope up with the ever changing times? to top that off, i learned she confiscated cheska’s phone cause someone called and texted her even if it was already midnight. what’s the big deal with that? it’s a saturday night and students, or may i say, people our age, usually don’t sleep early.

i shouldn’t have ranted too much about tonight cause the highlight of my day was in the mall. the details of the fabric and styles and all fashion 101’s were in that place. hahaha. gosh i’m craving for those shoes. cheska’s craving for her 64 jacket. we thought it was only 38! come on.

maybe the sunday routine will take effect tomorrow: church, shopping, tv, homework, sleep. pfft. or maybe…sleep,sleep,sleep.heh.



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