this week and last week have been such terrible weeks. i’m just starting this one but it feels so bad. it’s like, everybody’s up to something and i’m left doing nothing but blogging. geek. HAHA EEK. the’re pressure building up on the two households and i shouldn’t be on either side. however, i’m siding where i feel like i belong to. err. a lot of things are happening back in the philippines, i can tell. there’s a lot here, too. i know that as long as they don’t meet in the middle, things might probably get worse here. the situation is like one big balloon with helium as the tension and problems that fills it. as long as helium pumps the balloon, it will get bigger and bigger. there will come a time that it will fly. there will also be a moment when the balloon would not be able to hold the air and it will burst. ugh. the pressure is getting unbearable.

loli said i should learn to be softspoken. i’m not exaggerating but sheesh, should i stop talking? okay, i will. why won’t this week turn out right? i mean, for two straight weeks, nothing has happened but bad talk.

i should be working and studying instead of bumming around. that’s why i’m here. here comes sacrifice. i’m not looking at what i might get in return but i know i have to study, sew, paint, and clean after my mess. maybe somehow, it’ll all turn out right.

think of motivation. i am learning and i won’t stop till i’m dead.  i guess i have to stop the hate here. oh well.


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