that’s why drugs don’t work.

I’ve been tackling big waves these past few weeks. These waves can be found in my head. They hurt. People call them migraine. My drug dependency on mefenamic acid / ponstan is getting worse. HAHA. A probable reason why my body’s not responding to medication is the fact that I’m still alive and kicking even if it’s almost 6 in the morning and I haven’t had a proper sleeping cycle since last week. I shouldn’t be saying this. This is one solid evidence of being a hypochondriac. see? i’m even diagnosing such a sickness myself. HAHAHA. POINTLESS.

Anyway, do I have to be softspoken? This land is totally going against the morals that I learned. Once, I thought that people who have strong voices and solid points have strong personalities. Little did I know that the people here find softspoken beings educated. One does not have to be loud and proud to stand out. OOH THAT RHYMES. It’s all about attitude and independence. I guess I took a baby step tonight towards reality, towards speaking out.

I don’t know whether the outcome would be favorable or not but I’m wishing that life wouldn’t be so hard on me. It’s so complicated. It’s all repeated. Someone wake me from this insecurity-filled sigh and give me some milk. Toodles.

It’s all in the therapeutic perception. Give me liquid brain sosa/muriatic acid. HAHAH. There’s a dinner party later because it’s Tita Rhea’s birthday. Tomorrow’s going to be Tita Gina’s. Speaking of birthdays, someone really special to me is celebrating her birthday today. She’s my “twin/soul mate/life partner/room mate/secret friend HAHAHA/ADVENTURE MATE”. She’s none other than…drum roll… PIPAY! haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAYE! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! maghanap ka na ng alcohol na nakatago diyan sa bahay niyo. magpakalasing ka na. HAHAHA.

Give what you get and you’ll get more of what you’ve given.

No more shopping for me. The moolah is in the bank already. Lance Bass’s boyfriend is ugly but gay people are hot.

I’m cooking dinner. Tell me I’ve got more than a month to finish my homework. šŸ˜



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