lotz likes squid. mofo please no. hahaha.

time to let go.-grey’s anatomy.


there’s a day when nothing AND everything happens. the extremes of life can be smushed in one whole heck of a day. morning was just drastic. breathe, girl. it feels weird now. next thing i know, i’m rushing and getting reprimanded for being late. then, my cold sweating hands shake someone else’s. new people. new friends. old treats. old me. i’m getting old. too old for my age, i guess. off to the math building. 5 minutes after, i’m rushing to the other end of the campus: library. new found friend. study room. mathmathmath. carl’s jr. followed.

old new friend, audrey. music room, magnum and lotz. ugh. inggit ako HAHAHAHA. dysmenorrhea attack. grassy dreams. i don’t know why but i’m loving the grass here. it feels like the best cushion ever. tambay with ry who kept copying homeworks. hahahaha. i kind of slept with all the heaviness weighing my eyes down. pfft. i can’t even look directly at people without getting cross-eyed.

instant shelter by the pedestrian overpass. thanks shadow of the overpass, you saved my life. haha.

math building. slept during math. as usual, i  disappointed my relatives cause i wasn’t able to buy the knotts tickets. am i such a bad omen/annoyance to every single person in this planet? i’m sorry. i didn’t want to be.

as much as i wanted to make things right, i ended up doing what i do best: the drama. the mistake. the regret.

maybe now it is time…

still friends, huh? 🙂
welcome to the lonely hearts club, where members try to get out as emotionally as they came in.

have the army ready. recruiting as requested. HAHAHA.



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