throw up.

drinking too much caffeine can never be good for the body. instead of waking me up, it only gave me an upset stomach. please tell me this isn’t going to last cause i can’t concentrate (not that i really want to study hehe). it’s 3 in the morning and being the nocturnal person that i am, i cannot stand this stomach. feels like…alcohol and nuts. oh nuts.

edit. update. that, my dears, was written last night/this morning. now it’s 8:15 in the evening. cold is an understatement to what we are experiencing right now. blame the weather for all the cranky expressions, hatemail, raging hormones (not mine. lotz and ryan are getting jiggy with it. HAHAHA), sleep addiction and more piled up clothing.

yesterday, i gave 75% of my brain power just to study those two chapters of computer science. morning came. exams went flying in front of me. oh dear here it goes. GONE. it had 6 questions for a hundred points. i used 30% of what i’ve studied, thankyouverymuch.

a day too fast for time to get noticed.

im not in the mood to tell whatever it is i’m thinking about cause it will only piss me and make me fall asleep.

you tease to please yet you cry to fly.

it’s hard to think that you’re not experienced.

same thing, different situation::: we’re in america. where everything’s overrated.



i want a mood ring pronto.

this morning, i opened my eyes and saw the cutest person in the world! haha! i miss nee!!!

chloe’s right beside me because she’s bored. i am bored too. i want to study but heck how can i study if i can’t even leave the bed? it’s so cold. the heater’s out; i don’t know how to turn it on. let me freeze to death here. HAHA. drama.

how will i ever force myself not to procrastinate? someone please tell me how cause i’m as dead as a madcow-diseased rat by the end of the day if i haven’t started doing anything.

velour (is that how you spell it?) shall come out of my closet tonight and make a debut. haha.

i’m excited to go home. two more weeks and i’m outta here. wahoo.

oh dear. hahaha in one of the entries i wrote, i said… three words: the book is better. UGH. that’s FOUR. what the heck. i’m so dumb i can’t even count. hahahahaha.

i miss these blank days with hellogoodbye and new found glory surrounding my room. it’s all a trip. just like the drawing i made yesterday.

doodles uploaded on my multiply. yo quiero mucho a nee.



know what’s better than any addiction in this world??? mi amoooor. haha!!! of course. next to that is… yes, this is what i’m having right now… COFFEE.

i miss nicki boy. i want to see him kick his teacher’s ass. hahaha. omg. he wrote a letter to his filipino teacher: i hate you. i will send you to africa. HAHAHA COOL BOY!!!

mom says he says…  OMG! jesus christ!


Pie Amparo: tapos tawa sya nang tawa.. kasi nahulog yung cow.. dun yun sa holy grail na dvd ba

Pie Amparo: i asked him, what’s a grail? he said cup.. a modified cup!!

to any 8 year old kid who knows what the holy grail is, and who uses ‘modified’ in normal everyday conversations, i’ll let you meet my brother. haha.

okay. my hot cousin is now some tv personality. what the heck. what about me?!?!?! HAHAHAHA.

the secret to immediate success? 2 mugs of coffee in 20 minutes. it’s like adrenaline rush minus the sweat.

i can’t stop chatting with my mom. she makes me feel ugly and beautiful all at the same time. HAHA.

so this is how proper procrastination should be done: chat with mom. drink coffee. blog. open file but don’t look at it. chat and blog some more. listen to music. change music repeatedly for 10+ minutes. scratch arm as if it’s itchy but it really isn’t. think of other stuff to do. think think think. then don’t do anything. keep on typing. uh huh. this is how we do it. every body move it. to the left to the right. that’s the way we do it. sing along. don’t stop whatever it is you are doing – unless it is your homework cause that’s worth your time. make sure you’re not making the most of the time. waste it. kill it. don’t ever try to manage it. then the following day, you’ll regret everything you’ve done the night before. fun isn’t it? this happens every single time, yet you won’t learn cause it’s fun to procrastinate. the temporary happiness of knowing that you’ve survived even if you somewhat cheated yourself by not giving it your best shot is somewhat fun. eh?

it doesn’t really matter if i’m procrastinating or not. what matter is that I PASS THIS SEMESTER CAUSE THEY WILL ALL KILL ME IF I DON’T.




congrats tita gina for being 2nd in your class. i wish i’m also on top of the class. ooh wee. 😐 but i’m either too shy or too lazy or i’m just stupid. oh well.

i. need. a. better. brain. or. a. brand. new. slate. for. some. more. pimpin. down. these. books.

toodles. maybe i’ll procrastinate again later.


i’m supposed to be sleeping but something came up. my english essay was way long ahead of its time. see, it woke me up from the desk, like it had superficial powers to infiltrate my mind and shake me off my dream. ugh. i should’ve written this when i was still in the mood. but nu uh. too late for regrets and heck i’m not good in regretting. i hate regrets. it makes me feel so vulnerable. here we go again. haha.

what makes the amparo sisters shopaholics? i don’t know but i sure did find something out. I LOVE RINGS. hahaha. there’s a lot of cool rings in this certain site but they’re too expensive so i’m planning to buy them next year, when i get home from christmas vacation. i’ll buy one every two weeks. maybe that’s enough hahaha. i’d love a genuine vintage mood ring, that chalcedony one, hmm an opal and/or a topaz ring will make me smile, too. haha. omg. i’m so addicted.

there’s this toy i like but too bad i’m not buying it just because.

i want to go home to mommy dear cause here i’m not that spoiled anymore.

hahahaha. yea right.

time for my big break: diet starts today. woot.


edit edit.

i ordered two rings from some certain site about teen online safety. order it too. spread the news. wahoots. toodles.

dance with me on the ocean floor

running out of things to talk about or think of…i remember you. and i remember last night falling asleep while waiting. and that tiny little bit of a present i have. hahaha.

this didn’t turn out to be such an exciting day but it was relevantly uselessly fun. i caught up on the tv shows that i missed. i’ve started dl-ing the movies i missed, too. too bad i can’t simply download the people i miss, huh? we ate at in and out and too bad i finished the whole cheeseburger…plus half of the tray of fries. 😐 god i’m getting fat; please help me.

after eating, we went to nordstrom and i bought these two tops of the same color. haha. when it comes to my closet, why does monotonous ring a bell? uuugh. i have to buy something green/yellow/purple/blue!

the shoes there were too expensive. duh. i would’ve bought something like the jessica simpson one but they only had white. i’d look like some nurse walking on some cloud. eek.

oh if only i had a white coat. haha maybe by then i’d buy those white ones.

they dropped me here cause i volunteered to go home early. i wanted to stay cause then i’ll have my idle laptop in front of me (which makes me feel secure. ugh. the paranoia of having to check my mail constantly is so vital). i watched the da vinci code. FOUR words: the book is better.

i’m sleepy and bored. what feeling in this known world constitutes both sleepiness and boredom???

an ostentatious thought suddenly woke me up: should i get my hair curled or do i want to cut it short again or should it stay this way???



edit. i’m sleepy, i really am but…why am i getting addicted to necklaces and rings and earrings and every thinkable accessory again?! ugh.


is my sister in love?


do you know those movies where they have fun in the mall – shopping??? oh yeaaah. yesterday was black friday, the day after thanksgiving, and that is famous for having the year’s largest bargains. haha. we’re the typical filipino family so guess what we did? yes, we rushed to the mall 630 in the morning. at first i didn’t like the merchandise but when i saw those rampage pants, oh i swear i never let them go. HAHA.

in macy’s i bought mother dear two blazers and one pair of those rampage pants. i was supposed to buy two but then the other one was so expensive. huhu. gbye one pair. then i called mother dear, for the very first time in american history, to ask her what shade of foundation and lipstick she wants. HAHAHA. just for that. then i went a floor up to buy my cousin’s baby clothes. they’re so small!  duh.

next thing i know, tita bebe and i are browsing in different shops all around the mall. the point came when we were too exhausted to walk, she bought me those caramel and almond dipped apples. ooh yea. it was so yummy i finished the whole apple. after that tita taan picked us up to eat. we ate at this deli thing then headed for another mall. hahaha. i bought trina her foundation and some other stuff in target. then blablablah. i spent 156 bucks for real. 😐

it’s so fast how money can slip off my hands so i’m doing it yet again! later tonight, tita taan will pick us up and we’ll go to another mall. HAHAHA. yey. this is fun even if my body hurts.

i miss the people at home. oh come on people, i’m here and you’re there. some hi-hellos? haha.

i’m still pissed at some person cause i’m evil. lalala. toodles.

this overrated country needs closure.

why do i have to be so freaking selfish? (bad news first. good news after the jump. haha)

rant one: okay. i do not want that for mofo publicity even if there’s one side of me that does. but i don’t want it.

rant two: why can’t i have fun? —cause i’m not at home, that’s why, stupid. — i can’t be two (or five) people (with each having a different personality) to be your friend. gosh i don’t understand what’s going on inside that noodle. it’s like…okay THAT’s obvious but don’t go denying it just because. err i’m not making any sense, am i? here. please stop disguising as a peacock if deep inside you’re a mix between a puss and a freak? loool. yea now i know why they used to hate you. secret.

rant two (continued): what’s up with not wanting to go somewhere because I DON’T WANT TO? no matter how or when i go there, i am NOT going there this year. please. it’s not the money cause i’ve got my mom’s stash here. HAHAHA. it’s not the schedule, though i’m so full of schoolwork. most importantly, it isn’t the place. it’s fine if i go to the place again but…i believe i won’t survive a heartbeat with your crowd or maybe that crowd. why? cause YOU’RE RUBBING IT ONTO MY FACE THAT I’M SO SHORT AND YOU’RE SO GORGEOUS THAT ALL THE PEOPLE YOU LIKE ARE STARING AT YOU. scratch the latter. i’d love it if the world revolved around me but that’s a different story. hehehe. dude, i am short but i’m true to myself. seriously, how can you live like that? denying and depriving yourself of being the real you??? now i sound like some hallmark motivational card. mismatch.

rant three(continued): bet whoever’s reading this doesn’t know what i’m talking about. yeyeaaaah. but i still don’t like the fact that you tried limiting my vocabulary by less than a word..or any derivation of that word. you’re not my mom. life here is getting pretty boring cause you’re being your own mommy. ooh lala. i made you a rhyme.

prim prim can’t see a film cause even if it’s a no brainer you go no no never

such a waste of time not wasting it. haha now i know why my college life is such a drag, drag queen. hehe. mean me.


oh cool one: watched veronica mars. can’t wait for the other episodes. i don’t like piz for veronica. oh pleaaaase. watched grey’s anatomy. woooot. burke is so dead. haha.

oh cool two: cheska’s pasta is soooooo goooooood. tastes like heaven on a plate. haha. and so is that strawberry jello cream and nuts thing. oh yumyum. turkey tastes like chicken. haha

oh cool three: HAPPY THANKSGIVING, btw.

oh cool four: we got home early. i’d rather stay here than… haha.

oh cool five: finally, my brain has comprehended a living fact: i’m getting fat. 😐

oh cool six: shopping tomorrow! wuhoo.

i miss my nee. wuhoo. december’s coming. i’m going home to my third world country of love. hahaha.


decaffeinate me.

want to hear a caffeine-powered wide eyed girl’s rants? nah. yes or no, who cares. i’m still telling:

-why am i the one formatting every code for the group?!

-my left elbow hurts.

-so does my back.

-i feel dizzy but jumpy and weird. oh dear. this is my first ever caffeine overload so bear with me.

-there are a lot of codes for number one. what the heck did they do again.

-why am i printing for the whole group? so suddenly i’m the leader oooh wait. maybe i’m the slave. HAHA.

-i need glasses.

-more time please. oh dear old Time, please stop for me. please let me rest first.

-justine timberlake’s song is stuck in my head. or paula deanda’s. or that tu amor song.

-omg now the caffeine’s wearing out. i need more…after 2 mugs in one hour. whew.

-bleh. i want to throw up.

OoOo..that was last night.

-i don’t like you. you’re a stereotypical adolescent. // oo ikaw ang kanyang paboritong lechon. malas ko nalang piglet pa lang ako. malas ko nalang ako yung kadugo pero mukang mas matibay pala ang taba.

-i’m sleepy.

-my back still hurts.

-where has all the positive energy gone?

-waiting for me at the airport, maybe.

-tengo suen(~)o!!! haha. i don’t know how to form the n with the tilde on top. nyerks


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