i don’t matter now.

here it comes, beware. remember to keep your guard up. it doesn’t kill but it can if you let it. there’s one thing i learned today. maybe two, maybe more. okay MORE.

.starbucks strawberry frap doesn’t taste that good.

.spanish class = filipino class.

.let it all out in one go or it’ll hurt. yes, friends, don’t keep your bloatedness inside you. let it all out. HAHA.

.i’m going to live today and plan for tomorrow. not the other way around.

.life is wonderful. heh. i’m in love with love. i don’t matter now. i don’t matter now.

.i know it’s hard and weird and uninviting but that’s what makes it all so real. give it a go. i’m willing to.
.then there’s that one mystery we all want to find out. it breaks me but it makes me.



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