for pete’s sake, don’t be absent.

i’ve been browsing random blogs these past few days and what makes me curious is how people with such open minds and bodies(yes) AND people with so mysterious ways get all the credit for their well written drama. what’s up with that? hah. that’s so unreligiously cool yet unsatisfying. hahaha. no biggie. it’s all good.

unsatisfying. the word made me think of mochi filled with ice cream. it’s some japanese rice cake with ice cream inside. it gave my thumb a cold burn. it still hurts, so believe me, don’t try holding your ice cream with bare hands.

anyway, i’m here in the lab. the registry thing was so confusing, the receptionists were also confused. it’s my second hour here and i’m having fun. here are the things i’ve found out so far. some people are plain synthetic. fibrous and oddly not-so-human. yes. i hate those. be true to your word, please. next, i once thought no one ever knew about this till someone told me the blog is nice. so okay. yeah. this is pointless. haha. thanks anyway. after that, i want to vent out…my tummy hurts :\

lotz made fun of my height this morning…i’m buying heels. HAHA.

i just want to get my precalc class over with…and hellooo RO. HAHAHA. if i’m living in the past, then i’d be defying my own principles. HAHA. shux. 30 minutes more to go and i’m going outside. this is going to be so boring. oh please let me go home. haha.

if only i can understand precalc..then i’d be so…peaceful. LOL.

this place makes me feel so relaxed and lazy. i don’t study nor do my homework anymore. that’s definitely NOT good news. i feel so sleepy. ah. what if i skip class later? HAHA. not. ever. fine fine. better wake myself now. TOODLES.

i’ll wait…for as long as you can. šŸ™‚


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