cellular (phone) misdemeanor.

I’m dead – scratch that – double dead with an apple on my mouth cause i’m too piggy anyway. ugh. this sucks. mom’s good morning message was about my expenses. okay. i’ll pay for it. it’s easier said than done, seriously. i have to save up for thanksgiving shopping cause this box isn’t halfway full yet. my bank account’s also near empty so i have to stuff that too. then, here comes my bills. i need moolah. eating a big bag of ruffles won’t help either. 😐

a good way to earn is by sewing tita lyn’s pants. that’s like 5 bucks a pair. 😐 i am broke. seems like i’m living more than saving up. oh please someone give me a job. so much for my christmas agenda. i guess i’m going to stay home and clean every speck of dust i can find. where did my 300 go?! oh. i shouldn’t have gone shopping…though i guess the additional baggage is worth it. haha.
if ever anyone has a little nemo dvd/vcd/tape, may i please borrow it? it’s about some kid’s dream of saving slumberland. hehe.

mom’s furious. i’m sorry. this is my first time here and the only therapy to depression (of missing all of you) is by letting money flow out of my capricious clammy hands.

why are these pants so short? she might kill me. oh great. i’m screwing things up again. 😦

we’re having dinner at mommy leng’s place. my teeth are killing me. pimples, please go away. getting stuck in this teenage needle cage is so emotionally frustrating. i’m not in the mood to be reprimanded at..then here goes mother dear telling me tita irene told her i shouldn’t leave my computer open. “maawa ka sa kuryente!” i should roll my tongue by now (cause i’m too pissed and my front teeth feel weird. ugh.) my tongue got this habit of pushing the teeth in front so they’re freaking me out right now. uuuugh.

isn’t it such a great day? i didn’t do anything bad nor did i intentionally do them but here comes the news. 9k and 12k for my bills. laptop left on. what else? SHE (some other person) knows this site…and the heck, i was even the one who posted the link on my multiply. hmm. we’re shopping with them tomorrow. how about that?

it’s only 949 and i’m sleepy, fat and pissed. okay. nuff with this emotional annihilation. someone get me roasted nuts or i’ll roast your nuts. HAHAHA. kidding.

one of the angriest songs ever: “Don’t apologize (I hope you choke and die)
Search yourself for something with which to hang yourself
They say you need to pray
if you want to go to heaven
But they don’t tell you what to say
when your whole life has gone to Hell

I hope there’s ice on all the roads
and you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt
and again when your head goes through the windshield” –seventy times 7 by brand new


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