i’m begging you to beg me.

there is a mutual understanding between my homework and me; we despise each other. in order for our relationship to flourish, i will not do my homework. HAHA.

please give me an idea on what i should do with 12 more hours. i’m so lazy to do my homework, yet i’m too patient to wait for christmas.

“i hate you you’re like a female dog jumping of anything that stands. you’re so skanky, i wanna slap your face with tuna. stop being such a self-possessed social climber cause you’re so fugly but i’m going to make various accounts using your name and pictures and hook myself up with several people in your name cause i want to.” hah. hate/scam/wannabes/stalkers are so common nowadays. i’m not speaking for myself though. no one has done such a horrific act upon me. i wanna try. LOL. no way. “i hate you too. i’m beautiful and you’re just jealous. i’ve got this and that and i can shake my booty like some balloon bouncing off the table. stop stalking me but i’ll still post my pictures online. i have scandals and you shouldn’t look at them because they’re mine.” hate-you-back replies/owner rants also exist in this cyber world. hah. it’s so funny. why would anyone post their own scandals online and get mad at people watching them? please come up with proper rationalizations on those actions. they’re undeniably ironically FUNNY.

someone made me read some journal that ended up with a war through replies. it was funny. it was pointless. why fight over some spitting session and drama queen monologue online? why not face each other and have a worthy smackdown session? HAHAHA.

i feel so full and fat today. is that such a good weapon against homework? haha. O_O

better start finishing my project or else i’ll sacrifice my beauty sleep/late night game later.



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