done by request. HAHAHAHA

Don’t choke me or condemn me to death by guillotine. I’m not Marie Antoinette though I’d like to live her lifestyle. heh. I’m in school waiting for Lotz to come out of her class. I’m sitting on the grass with all the insectscrawling on me. Eww. Anyway, here’s something random.

Friends, as the same goes with everything else, have limits. There was a point in this seventeen-year, five-month lifespan that I met one and though we knew our limits, we tried defying them. I learned about all sorts or goofs and gimmicks. It’s like this person gave me a ticket to the world of wasted emotional people who follow what their hormonal imbalances tell them.

There were rules, and, yet, mistakes were made. If you’ve been to this stereotypically perceived world, be happy cause though it’s mostly comprised of late lonely or sneaky nights, it gives this one heck of a journey some flavor. I still get offended though I know and practice these “tactics” pretty well. I don’t know. It’s too effective to withhold resistance.

Thanks, chong. :p

1. Use english when arguing to make a stronger point.

2. It’s all in the period.

3. Don’t take life too seriously. Have fun.

4. It’s never too late to say sorry.

5. A little talk is better than not talking at all. BUT DOTA is better than talking.

6. The dragon, heart and rings.

7. Trashy days are better than perfect ones.

8. Phones can last for more than three years – for the heck of their sentimental value…and all those text messages.

9. DO not study. DO not sleep. DO not fail. DO ta.

10. Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health if you don’t know how to smoke. HAHA. —yeah. someday a tube might replace your pipehole so stop smoking.

11. It’s in the attitude.

12. That was the best picture ever.

13. Friendship does last past <fill in the chevrons> relationships. err what friendship? HAHAHA. kidding.
14. Secret. daw. hahaha.

I guess it IS hard to forget all those nights and dawns. If you were in my place, you would have also been in that fork in theroad where you had to choose among going rock bottom, facing an eternity of mediocrity and rebellion or grabbing a new life packet out of the shelf. I picked the last one. I did have regrets of taking that ticket but I’m all right with this. Life can’t be any better. This understanding is beyond the norm and sheesh, aren’t you proud we’re only human?

okay. speaking of human. i miss another human who’s still in school right now. haha. NEE!!! i wanted to play but i still had this project to finish. ugh. intayin kita later. can’t play without someone. haha shy ako e hahaha. amishoooooooo. =D

bought my second pair of boots. this time it’s uhm err higher. haha. shuck. i’m excited to wear it in school. hehe. after this, i’ll save money for those pumps..and that wedge..and more pumps. @_@

time to snooze. toodles.

i miss saying this. VITA DI AMORE!


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