shuck is the new f..err. nevermind.

can i say this for one more time? i’m so addicted.

my brain cells were programmed to wake me up every 2 hours last night. it was hella worth it. my project’s done. i’m now screwed to the bed with pins and needles on my leg and an inevitable addiction to that shucking game. so come on. tell me your name. (i had to make that up so it would rhyme. hahaha.) i even have fresh clothes straight from the dryer on my bed…un-ironed and left there to rot. my bag isn’t fixed yet. my project hasn’t even been printed. for once, this isn’t me. NOT. HAHA.

“99 red balloons?! woah. that’s my ALL TIME favorite…since last last year.” ain’t that pimpin’ foo? šŸ˜®

exact words or phrases banned from this world: ACTUALLY. “love and care for mother earth”. “for a while(on the phone)”. vain. vainness. vaining. vained. vainalicious.vainism..and all those made-up words. freaking.

no time for chitchat. gotta work my clicking skills off.

oh. and here are some…pictures to haunt your dreams tonight.

made him cry last night. told him we’re going home. HAHA.

in the cafeteria.

you know you want to.

papa arny and your golden smile. i’m comin home!

love it.

enjoy. i’m addicted to this song even if i don’t like her so much. heh.



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