reality check.

the fine line between sanity and la vida loca is just around the corner. the other fine line, this one between asleep and living a couch potato, is also there waiting for me. with such a hectic week, can anyone please give me an extra day? a simple additional 24 hours would probably save my eyebags from popping and my grades from shooting down to bedrock. i know this sounds crazy enough but i haven’t done any homework in precalculus – yeeeeah, nothing at all – and i still don’t get trigonometry. whoever does please help me? haha. and the second and final midterm is on tuesday (which is 6 days from now). this probably refects my overall study habit/skills/approach. i admit it, honestly, i’m too moody whenever i’m studying. i have to get into the vibe to concentrate and understand the lesson. then, it takes a lot of effort to maintain that interest or else it will be absolutely hard to go back and study again. blogging, for instance, is a way for me to escape the inevitable reality that i have to study. i end up empty-handed every single time i pass an hour of reviewing.

anyway, i hate to break it to the world but it does take guts to face full sixty minutes of brain-churning, eyebrow-lifting, spine-tingling concentration alone with some pen, paper, book and calculator. the lesson is easy. i’m just too dumb to feel it slapping my face every time.

better pull myself together or i’ll fail this class. he should’ve given us more quizzes rather than 2. ugh. good night world.



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