no 6 degrees tonight

Shuck. I wrote two paragraphs then decided to delete them. why? cause i’m too stubborn to make myself study. two hours for one small part of a chapter. why oh why did i take this subject.

i wish my nightmares won’t come true. they’re too bad.

one time in highschool, i learned something precious from our beloved teachers: people can never be too mature since they can never really know everything about life. it is not in the matter declaring one’s maturity to the populace but in the way one acts and lives for the common good. what tita irene told me is that intellect or knowledge is harnessed in college but breeding, yes friends, the way how one acts and responds to what life gives him, is molded in highschool. at least that’s what happens in the philippines (since most people i know are from private priviledged schools).

scope of the precalc exam? chapters 5 to 8. i’m still in… 5.1 haha. oh dear.

cut. edit. and paste. that was this morning. this is tonight.

browsing through my old drafts, i found this:

i’ve just awaken up to one of the most vivid dreams i’ve ever had. haha. that sounds off. anayway, in my dream, i went home and mom dropped me off at some restaurant. nee was eating there. some kid was also playing. they were telling me something about baseball cause nee’s dad was so fond of it. haha labo. then he sat right in front of me to eat. i said i had to go. he got a plate full of food. i rode the car and he sat beside me. mom asked me why i have a record in this certain hospital. i said i have no idea. we went there but ended up at some terrorist’s hq. she was at some leader’s room waiting to be called or something. in order to get out alive, nee and i pretended we were cooks and we let the leader taste the food. we told him that he should only try a little to keep his “reserved self” then we’ll pack the rest for him. after he finished, we didn’t pack the food as we promised cause we’re too hungry to even share it haha. we ran off to the door. when we got out, it was at my old house already. there’s this dog. oh gosh i hate having dogs in my dreams. the dog was leashed and the owner just beamed at us. the dog was going ballistic so nee held my hand and we closed our eyes. it was all a dream in my dream. wwwweeeird. then i asked him, where did you imagine us going? he said, to the south. and i said, to

it’s a broken excerpt from my dream. i don’t know what happened. i can’t remember it. it’s like i can remember parts of the dream but it’s a dream. duh. i also found another draft with some dramatic noodles in it but i’m not posting it. it’s too…deep. hahahaha. anyway, it was fun today. my classmates kept on teasing me because i can’t reach the ground if i’m sitting at the balcony. err..and my feet don’t touch the ground everytime i sit. what’s up with cuteness that people can’t get over, huh? HAHAHA.

i can’t believe i said this line today: taga saan ka sa atin? HAHAHAHAAHA. that’s like…rock bottom of baduy pinoy land here in america. HAHAHA. eew. i’m getting addicted to caffeine. someone take this burgeoning curse from me. HAHA.

okay. study time. again. yes. love love.



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