now i’m doomed. the fudge. ngarrr2()@#$*(#$U%(TJE$%(!W%OKTY)$%*@!%. :]

i got a new dream. HA HA. YIKES. as if i have to brag about it huh? i’m gonna go tell it anyway. hahaha. -even if i forgot half of it. there was some traumatic commotion and i was part of it. in the end, i had to go to this ball and i haven’t texted nor called ardo yet. as i was turning the computer on and trying to call him, i woke up. literally.

i figured he’s not online but megan is. so i asked her if she’s playing ro and maybe i can play too. but heck no. the game’s server is down again; after patching the game, i kept on getting some error messages; I. CAN’T. PLAAAAY. WAAAAH. back to the story. it turned out that i was waiting for ardo the whole night (my body clock’s set to 2-3 hours of waking intervals) and he forgot to go online. HHAHAHAHA.

see how some game can control your feelings and neuropaths? HAHAHA. i hate to break it to the world but IT IS ADDICTING. and I AM HOOKED. this isn’t making any sense. it doesn’t look pleasing either but i really reaaaally want to puh-lay. ugh.

yesterday was a fun day. now i know why today isn’t going to be near that word FUN at all. i’m going to be stuck here and some great big tornado of B-O-R-E-D-O-M is going to sweep me off to boredom-land along with my precalculus book, a calculator, some sheets of paper and growing eyebags. @_@

so much for my anticipation. it’s all goooone. huhuhu. HAHA SIYAK. i can’t believe i said huhuhu. oh dear. that’s two of them in one line. oh nooooes.

how not to be annoying: do not ever in any epoch or lifetime or dynasty or dimension or universe define and proclaim to the whole epoch/lifetime/dynasty/dimension/universe that you are something you totally are NOT. heh. i got tongue-tied with that one. about the cute thing, that’s real. HAHAHAHAH. kidding.

precalc fun coming up. toodles.

edit. scratch that previous line please. ooooh i so don’t like precalculus. i’m now blaming it for corrupting my immune system like some viral infection coarsing through my visible vains. i have weird colds…or maybe it’s just some sinusitis weird thing cause there’s no gooey mucus in my body, just the pain of having to sniff every now and then. another is my tongue. it’s got these tiny bumps and scratches and it hurts. singaw, they call it. i don’t know. some are white, red, yellow or pink. some even have these long white fiber-like things attached to them. yes, i got this attitude from my dad who’s such a hypochondriac. hehe. my lower lip has one big thing on it too. huwat. is hoodoo still in practice or something cause someone might have cursed me. oh curse you whoever you are. it’s going to go back threefold. maybe your whole face will get bumps. so will your body. oh whatever. this ranting is not helping anyone.

BUT i prefer to continue my crap because ooh i’m a teenager living in this free land where everything is not cheap. suddenly i’m not in the mood to rant anymore. whoops i forgot what to say. toodles.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ryan
    Nov 11, 2006 @ 17:03:18

    i also dreamt last night. lol tripleheader. nightmare. saket ng ulo ko when i woke up. haha


  2. trish
    Nov 11, 2006 @ 17:35:49

    too bad. haha. what if all your dreams are nightmares? HAHA. yikes.


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