strawberry field for a tongue.

one whole day for a chapter and a half.

drag me.

i miss mother dear. no one’s nagging me to drink my vitamins anymore. i miss miss miss nee. gawd, antagal mo gumraduate. haha. i miss nicki. congrats for being the second of your class. mana kay ate. HAHAHA. i miss everyone at home. come on. i’m finding it awfully hard to attach myself to any country cause i’m going back home then i’m coming back here less than 4 months from now. what’s up with that?

someone give me a job. i’m flat broke. err.. maybe i have 200 but hello. how can i survive in this money-driven land without cold green sheets?edit edit. i know who’s going to give me a job. MWAHAHAHA. can’t wait till december.
myspace and msn are now in my vocabulary. add me. what the heck. im turning “asian”.

three more chapters of torture and three more numbers of skin-scraping, lobotomy-like goodness coming up. sometimes i feel like someone/something’s taking over me just to make me study.

im getting chills. is this because of my wisdom teeth? im not wise nor will i ever be perfectly wise – unless i work for yogi bear or yoda or spongebob. @_@

edit. i don’t know why i like stalking people i hate. then i’d go tell other people that i don’t like this and that and i don’t care…even if i do and heck, it’s creeping me out. this is a waste of time. i shouldn’t care about them nor waste my study time on liars, freaks and oh, climbers.

grr. weak immune system != strong stalking instincts.



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