psyche me. love it. you know you LOVE to. and even if you hate it, you’ll love it cause you really do.

so this is how it feels to be alive. don’t mind the typos, the grammar and every bit of imperfection this entry has cause i’m pretty sleep yet there’s no stopping me from having such a typing frenzy.

tita taan bought me this black velvet throw and a nice new belt. i tried knee-high boots but they were two sizes too big for me. i liked one patent shoe, though. it was a pair of tommy patent ankle boots sold for only 6 bucks. too bad tita taan didn’t like it. i would’ve bought it for the sake of having a pair of patent boots. haha. if they let me go back there tomorrow then i’d be throwing myself on the shelves for boot-salvation. oh dear. it’s so addicting.

eh. ina got the same throw. she was scared to tell her mom haha. for the very first time we watched constantine. it’s one hell of a movie. i don’t like the ending though. i was expecting some tragic story but all i got was a kiss/sex-free hideous demon-filled movie. HAHAHA. no kidding. it was so good i didn’t even know it has ended already. anyway, we got home by 1 in the morning and i’m here typing with my half-lit eyes telling me if i’ve got any typos on the screen. what the heck. i’m so pretty crazed for someone right now that if i see him, there’s no doubt i’ll hug him like there’s no tomorrow. hahaha. n to the double e. ye yea yeaah. is the new gay. LOLLLL.

i ditched my precalc review and compsci project and sold my soul to myself in order to have this i don’t know…gluttonous night. i ate one whole thigh chicken part, 2/3 of the macaroni and cheese side dish, 2 glasses of cherry pepsi, 3 servings of mashed potatoes and one biscuit. why is my stomach growing but i’m not?

what the heck. ina’s allowed to smoke when she’s 16/17. HAHAHAHAHAHA. huwat. hahahahaha.

shocks. i have to study…and sleep…then wake up after 7 or so hours. what’s new?

it’s all on THE SCREWED FOURTEENTH OF DECEMBER BABIES. hahahahaha. that’s the fourth time i’m going to say that blessed date in 24 hours so rejoice and rejoice, manila. HAHAHAH.

…then my overwhelming mood goes back to indifference: but no one loves me. doh. HAHA. someone does and i’ve got my friends too. and family. at least i think they do. haha. god, i love them all. please take care of them and make them happy…and if i can make them happy this christmas, please tell them to tell me cause i’m not that sensitive enough to notice. HHEHEHE.

teacher: good morning class. my name is ms. pruke. with an R with an R. don’t forget. my name is ms pRRRuke with an r with an r.

the next day.

teacher: good morning class. sige nga juan, what’s my name? don’t forget. with an r. with an r.
juan: ms. prek prek.


tita bebe and her friend on a theme park.

two white kids were playing on the swing.

tita bebe and her friend tried copying the kids.

they fought back and said… Q029348#$(#*$!)@#($_)^@(*$)!(%wortimwoekr)#$m)@#%@)$*)@#($m$i#%qwi$@$)*!@)$#f@.

tita bebe said… AND SO?!

hahahaha. just that. HAHAHHAA.

oh love.

oh joy.

oh oh oh.

ho ho ho.

merry christmas.



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