ms. pruke.

wala lang. wala lang. wala lang.

wala lang.

wala lang.

how can i possibly be so mad.

wala lang.

why do i have to demand even if i know i’ll never get what i want.

why do you have to be so greedy.

you could’ve given me a part of that work.

wala lang.

why does time have to be so fast that i can’t go back to sleep anymore.

wish i can stop time.

wish i can fly.

wish i can learn really fast.

i wish. i can. i wish. i can.

fudge bar. if only the tv show came to life.

wala lang.

why am i so greedy.

hay prekprek.

why are you such a self-centered piece of ass.

why do i hate knowing that you changed the story for your own selfish desire to break people up or down.

wala lang.

why can’t i just go on with my life.

why does virtually every sentence start with why.

and i know it’ll be too hard for me to change the world.

or cause a good national revolution.

cause i might die or things could get uglier.

like forever having you in my memory that you’re such a story-changing person

and you have an ugly social-hiking life

and an ugly school report card

you deserve to fail even more.

cause you are stupid.


wala lang.

why is this so pointless.

i shoudn’t be wasting my time on stupid greedy people.

why cant i drive yet.

why do i have to be a why person.

‘nyeta. wala lang.



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