another dream

this is the second night that i’ve been getting deadly dreams. if i can remember correctly and completely, last night’s dream started with me riding an SUV. either i was driving or i was just sitting at the left side of the car then continually switching places on my point of view. it was like a movie. we were on the road with the hills/mountains on our left side. there were a lot of cars and it was raining. i saw on a bird’s point of view incoming tornados. i counted all the ones we’ve passed by the mountains. there were 19. i can’t remember whom i was with but when i got home, there was my family and my aunts and mommy leng’s family and some other friends. i knew something wasn’t right because every person in the room was busy with something. i figured that someone was following someone else or that someone was going to die or that some people were plotting some serious screwage. when i got out of the room, a geek person was flying with some circular neon gizmo. tita taan said she’ll buy it for me with the hidden intent of saving the world from that geek guy who’s got an invested yearning to kill people. okay. time to move on. as i went down, they said we should all go somewhere because if not, people would die in that house. it was as if i’ve seen that scene before cause i knew what would happen. there was a guy wearing white..guess who? hahaha. hi nee 🙂 mom was booking us for a trip to some beach or hawaiian place hahaha. they were all going somewhere else too. some of my friends were left in the house. i saw, in like a vision or whatever you call it, that there were three pumpkins by the stairs and all the walls were burnt black. people were dead. DEAD. oh dear.

i skipped the saving-the-world-by-persuading-everybody-to-get-out-of-the-house part by waking up and checking on the computer. sorry to all those who buzzed cause i never really got to reply. hehehe.

back to the story. it was all weird cause when i slept again, i was back in the same scene but this time, we were all coming back to the house. true enough, they said people died and another vision flashed. people were partying. there were sheep. live roaming partying sheep. it was either my mom or a fairy (or my mom WAS a fairy) who stabbed one sheep. then i saw another one at the floor. it had a bubble (like the ones in the comics) telling me that they want to live and stay there because once they’ve seen and felt living like people, they want to permanently live like us too. answering their instinct for revenge, the sheep killed and caused a riot in the party. many died.

i woke up again. lotz called. back to the story.

nee left already. i went inside and saw a magnificent room instead of the deadly scene. tita lyn was there telling me who died and what happened but i already knew that. i surveyed the room and saw stairs going down. i went down and saw a chapel with the greatest tabernacle ever. it was all made with gold and smacked with rubies and diamonds and all those gems. without hesitation, i went upstairs and called tita lyn but she’s not there anymore. i saw another staircase. this time it was heading up. running towards the next story, i ended up facing a swimming pool and a room by the end. i saw the floor plan but the chapel seemed to be gone!

then i woke up and felt heavy.

it seemed so real yet so fake.

i don’t know. if i get another weird dream, i’ll cut the sugar and the carbs. HAHAHA.

it’s like living in a separate dimension.

god, pleeeease be with me. hell’s taking over my dreams now. hahaha. shux 😐

is it just me or is it coffee?

or white noise?

or alexander, oh the young alexander was cuter than colin farrell. hahaha.

or heroes?

or err… that french silk flavored ice cream?

or snacku?


now my dreams are coming back to me. ::with the big door (it’s like the giant pandora’s box), where the great flood happened, where i was walking with no pants on, when my guardian angel hugged me(i really felt it). same familiar places. same control over it,yes, there are times when i can control them.

someone wrote that dreams are the mind’s way of solving problems. it’s like a soliloquy or a monologue telling the person how to solve whatever it is he is bothered about. gawd. if only i can interpret or understand these dreams then i can be the next audrey hepburn or marilyn monroe or jackie o or…madonna or hetty spaghetti. i don’t know.

someone tell me and i’ll be glad to dream of you for a night. hahaha. i can’t sleep tonight. this is all too scary. am i psychic? HAHAHAHA.

now i know why i can’t stay asleep. it’s either i dream of those things or i wake up instead. 😐

i can’t seem to get these dream/tv images out of my head so i’m tossing ponstan and gulping caffeine for a good night’s rest. haha.

long post. dang.



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