what’s up poknat?

today. ah the beautiful today. i woke up with a dream left playing on repeat in my head. it was about me having a son and conceiving another one. the soul of the father seems to have been in my children’s bodies. it was kind of weird to have my new born baby run after my eldest and me with a gun. he grew up in a split second and he was speaking in some kind of other accent. ugh. weird. then when the thing is resolved, i ran onto some people running around a field. some person said i should try out so i did and the panel said i reached 50% of their standards but that’s okay, i should still run. i woke up afterwards.

that’s not too bad for a dream huh? when i woke up, i had such a great start to my wondrous day. i talked with my cutest and hottest nee ever. haha. yeah, i guess i’ve absorbed all your fat. you’re now chomamots and i’m baboyong. oh yikes. i did the laundry and waited till lunch for hmmhmm… foooood @_@. im such a pig these days. tita taan came here for lunch then we went with her. tita bebe had gone to another shopping trip and i, of course, went to school. audrey wasn’t replying. lotz left already. joel said he has gone home to do his laundry. that was a fine start. good thing ry called and said he was in the library. we went around the campus and as we were walking by the end of 14/15…

JOEL! oy bat andito ka pa?!

wahaha. hule ang loko. hahahaha. he was with sheryn. they were planning to eat and he asked us if we want to go with them. okay fine libre daw niya kasi berdey niya. he drove us to l&l? some hawaiian restaurant. we ate chicken then went back to school. ta-daaah. i learned a lot today.

1. bebot = girl.

2. throwing scissors at your husband can be bloody.

3. proclaiming that the two of you have no affairs or whatsoever implies an opposing thought. “may asawa na ko ah. may anak na rin nga ako eh.” “oo nga! friends lang kami. basta friends, sakin, friends lang talaga” “oo nga. tama yan. kung hinde napatay ka na ng asawa ko!” “hindi ko pa nga siya ginagalaw eh” OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS.

4. joel’s such a questioning questionable person.

5. i can become a bebot if sheryn plucks my brows. =_=. no thanks 🙂

6. if i had green skin, purple hair and a hood on my head, i’d look like an elf. thanks jon, joon and kevin for pointing that out. ugh. my precalc classmates so adore me for my height. HAHAHA.

7. i have the priviledge to sit and be the tallest person on the group.

8. according to my precalc seatmates, i always wear headbands/scarves. “what?! i wore this only two weeks ago!” hahahaha. *gives a pat to my awkward self*

9. farley can be a boxer.

10. tita taan loves pimping ina’s pimple.

11. i met mikee cojuangco’s horseback riding/jumping whatever you call it trainer. haha.

12. mamam = water.

13. sapi = spirit.

14. people are crazy for ps3.

15. i said “palagyan din ako” to a korean waitress referring to a water refill. 😐 that was sooo _fill in the blanks please cause i’m so embarrassed_.

16. analytic geometry is better than trigonometry. hehe.

17. http://www.purevolume.com/zoloftherockrolldestroyer/ love them.

18. i’m growing eye bags as big as million dollar babies.

19. sooo yea, im the youngest in my precalc class. like that’s such a big surprise.

20. gusto ni joel kumain ng bibingka. :|he’s so hilarious that we can’t help thinking about that affair. HAHAHAHAHA.

21. six flags is closing next year. i wanna goooo.

22. daddy dear wants to get his xbox360 back 😐
23. the reply to see ya later alligator is “in a while crocodile!” why have i never heard of that before?! oh cause that’s because i’m back in the republic, where people say…

“what’s up ketchup?”

“let’s go sago!”

“sure manure”

“no problemo pistacchio”

“tarantado gago p**an**na mo mamatay ka na madapa ka sana” 😐

“bili na bili na mani hopia popcorn…”

“pili na ma’am. mura lang!”


“i want to see your father your mother your parents tomorrow right now!”

“form a circle make it straight!”

“single file! by partner!”

“itaas ang kamay!”…”o bat nakataas mga kamay niyo!? ibaba yan!”…”sinabi nang itaas ang kamay eh!”

“eyts. (H)”

“ser, pidi pu padidikit ng labsong” (sir, pwede po pa-dedicate ng love song)

“aray ko po, ano ba yan”

“wowowee sinong di mawiwili”

“uuuhooououooo. mulawin.”

“anak itigil mo na homework mo. pbb na.”

“kamay sa dibdib”

“ahukahuwakhuwakhuwak” – tawa ni kris aquino 😐

“how are you?” “i’m ten yearsh old po”

“how old are you?” “im fine thanks you.” 😐

“mabuhay sa mga taga-quezon city. ako po si patricia anne ennn (N.) amparo. sa batang hindi naliligo, may side B pa naman. mahal na mahal ko po kayong lahat. ay tengkyu. baw.” :||||



’nuff talk. time for bed, dear old world. if only i’m out there camping by target’s brick walls waiting in line for the god-forsaken ps3…haaay. heh.



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