hay putek

why in the world am i still awake? i can’t go back to sleep yet i don’t want to stay awake forcibly trying to keep myself asleep. i should be drinking coffee if i’m awake with eyes this big. gawsh i’m such a scaredy cat.

the fact that i’m annoyed 50% of the time makes me want to fly. hahaha. yes, it’s like an upside downside inside outside correlation between bursting the bubble and rocketing sky high. i wanna go home even if i’m slowly learning to love this place. it’s official. i don’t want to go to knotts again this year or that would give me a heart attack. it’s not with the money okay? i don’t freaking care about who’s paying what cause i’m such a spoiled brat, remember??? so please don’t tell me i don’t like going there because I DON’T WANT TO PAY. 😐 that’s so irrational. HAHA.

this just popped in my head. why do people,including myself, say be who you are. be yourself. ??? what’s the point if the person himself does like himself? i mean. okay i don’t know. i’ve tried all my life to BE MYSELF but i end up finding either a dead end or a bottomless pit. i AM myself. you ARE yourself. no two people can ever be completely alike. there are similarities and differences but that’s what makes people connected. oh the effects of a caffeine-free television addiction’s getting into my head. hahaha. but hey, if you want to be you, don’t just say, i want to be me cause you already are. it’s not like there are clones roaming free in this world. the island? haha. err.  it’s ironic because people want self expression and originality but everybody does, too. it’s all the same. it’s the attitude and the deep workings of one’s inner mind that count. not the talk but the walk. HAHAHA.



oh answer to her problem: you’re stupid. that’s it. 🙂

it’s 5 am and i’m still wide awake 😐



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