quite unexpectedly, my day turned out fine. it’s a little opposite of what happened yesterday but i’m still tired from pouring my heart out. hehe. the due date of our csci project was lifted until this wednesday. yipee. more time for me to steal the credit. HAHAHA.eew. i amazingly talked to my classmates in english. normally, i just sit there and stare at whichever thing is in sight. the quiz on spanish wasn’t that hard but i’m not sure till i see my paper. duh.

now that i’m home, i’m procrastinating by taking an awfully long time in deciding what to do. hahaha. okay. i’ll do the unimportant homeworks first. tralalala.

i’m so dead. an integral element of my hypochondric regimen has been depleted.


http://patam.multiply.com/ for pictures on pacquiao’s victory featuring my wild aunts. HAHAHA.





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