decaffeinate me.

want to hear a caffeine-powered wide eyed girl’s rants? nah. yes or no, who cares. i’m still telling:

-why am i the one formatting every code for the group?!

-my left elbow hurts.

-so does my back.

-i feel dizzy but jumpy and weird. oh dear. this is my first ever caffeine overload so bear with me.

-there are a lot of codes for number one. what the heck did they do again.

-why am i printing for the whole group? so suddenly i’m the leader oooh wait. maybe i’m the slave. HAHA.

-i need glasses.

-more time please. oh dear old Time, please stop for me. please let me rest first.

-justine timberlake’s song is stuck in my head. or paula deanda’s. or that tu amor song.

-omg now the caffeine’s wearing out. i need more…after 2 mugs in one hour. whew.

-bleh. i want to throw up.

OoOo..that was last night.

-i don’t like you. you’re a stereotypical adolescent. // oo ikaw ang kanyang paboritong lechon. malas ko nalang piglet pa lang ako. malas ko nalang ako yung kadugo pero mukang mas matibay pala ang taba.

-i’m sleepy.

-my back still hurts.

-where has all the positive energy gone?

-waiting for me at the airport, maybe.

-tengo suen(~)o!!! haha. i don’t know how to form the n with the tilde on top. nyerks



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