this overrated country needs closure.

why do i have to be so freaking selfish? (bad news first. good news after the jump. haha)

rant one: okay. i do not want that for mofo publicity even if there’s one side of me that does. but i don’t want it.

rant two: why can’t i have fun? —cause i’m not at home, that’s why, stupid. — i can’t be two (or five) people (with each having a different personality) to be your friend. gosh i don’t understand what’s going on inside that noodle. it’s like…okay THAT’s obvious but don’t go denying it just because. err i’m not making any sense, am i? here. please stop disguising as a peacock if deep inside you’re a mix between a puss and a freak? loool. yea now i know why they used to hate you. secret.

rant two (continued): what’s up with not wanting to go somewhere because I DON’T WANT TO? no matter how or when i go there, i am NOT going there this year. please. it’s not the money cause i’ve got my mom’s stash here. HAHAHA. it’s not the schedule, though i’m so full of schoolwork. most importantly, it isn’t the place. it’s fine if i go to the place again but…i believe i won’t survive a heartbeat with your crowd or maybe that crowd. why? cause YOU’RE RUBBING IT ONTO MY FACE THAT I’M SO SHORT AND YOU’RE SO GORGEOUS THAT ALL THE PEOPLE YOU LIKE ARE STARING AT YOU. scratch the latter. i’d love it if the world revolved around me but that’s a different story. hehehe. dude, i am short but i’m true to myself. seriously, how can you live like that? denying and depriving yourself of being the real you??? now i sound like some hallmark motivational card. mismatch.

rant three(continued): bet whoever’s reading this doesn’t know what i’m talking about. yeyeaaaah. but i still don’t like the fact that you tried limiting my vocabulary by less than a word..or any derivation of that word. you’re not my mom. life here is getting pretty boring cause you’re being your own mommy. ooh lala. i made you a rhyme.

prim prim can’t see a film cause even if it’s a no brainer you go no no never

such a waste of time not wasting it. haha now i know why my college life is such a drag, drag queen. hehe. mean me.


oh cool one: watched veronica mars. can’t wait for the other episodes. i don’t like piz for veronica. oh pleaaaase. watched grey’s anatomy. woooot. burke is so dead. haha.

oh cool two: cheska’s pasta is soooooo goooooood. tastes like heaven on a plate. haha. and so is that strawberry jello cream and nuts thing. oh yumyum. turkey tastes like chicken. haha

oh cool three: HAPPY THANKSGIVING, btw.

oh cool four: we got home early. i’d rather stay here than… haha.

oh cool five: finally, my brain has comprehended a living fact: i’m getting fat. šŸ˜

oh cool six: shopping tomorrow! wuhoo.

i miss my nee. wuhoo. december’s coming. i’m going home to my third world country of love. hahaha.



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