do you know those movies where they have fun in the mall – shopping??? oh yeaaah. yesterday was black friday, the day after thanksgiving, and that is famous for having the year’s largest bargains. haha. we’re the typical filipino family so guess what we did? yes, we rushed to the mall 630 in the morning. at first i didn’t like the merchandise but when i saw those rampage pants, oh i swear i never let them go. HAHA.

in macy’s i bought mother dear two blazers and one pair of those rampage pants. i was supposed to buy two but then the other one was so expensive. huhu. gbye one pair. then i called mother dear, for the very first time in american history, to ask her what shade of foundation and lipstick she wants. HAHAHA. just for that. then i went a floor up to buy my cousin’s baby clothes. they’re so small!  duh.

next thing i know, tita bebe and i are browsing in different shops all around the mall. the point came when we were too exhausted to walk, she bought me those caramel and almond dipped apples. ooh yea. it was so yummy i finished the whole apple. after that tita taan picked us up to eat. we ate at this deli thing then headed for another mall. hahaha. i bought trina her foundation and some other stuff in target. then blablablah. i spent 156 bucks for real. 😐

it’s so fast how money can slip off my hands so i’m doing it yet again! later tonight, tita taan will pick us up and we’ll go to another mall. HAHAHA. yey. this is fun even if my body hurts.

i miss the people at home. oh come on people, i’m here and you’re there. some hi-hellos? haha.

i’m still pissed at some person cause i’m evil. lalala. toodles.


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