i’m supposed to be sleeping but something came up. my english essay was way long ahead of its time. see, it woke me up from the desk, like it had superficial powers to infiltrate my mind and shake me off my dream. ugh. i should’ve written this when i was still in the mood. but nu uh. too late for regrets and heck i’m not good in regretting. i hate regrets. it makes me feel so vulnerable. here we go again. haha.

what makes the amparo sisters shopaholics? i don’t know but i sure did find something out. I LOVE RINGS. hahaha. there’s a lot of cool rings in this certain site but they’re too expensive so i’m planning to buy them next year, when i get home from christmas vacation. i’ll buy one every two weeks. maybe that’s enough hahaha. i’d love a genuine vintage mood ring, that chalcedony one, hmm an opal and/or a topaz ring will make me smile, too. haha. omg. i’m so addicted.

there’s this toy i like but too bad i’m not buying it just because.

i want to go home to mommy dear cause here i’m not that spoiled anymore.

hahahaha. yea right.

time for my big break: diet starts today. woot.


edit edit.

i ordered two rings from some certain site about teen online safety. order it too. spread the news. wahoots. toodles.


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