i want a mood ring pronto.

this morning, i opened my eyes and saw the cutest person in the world! haha! i miss nee!!!

chloe’s right beside me because she’s bored. i am bored too. i want to study but heck how can i study if i can’t even leave the bed? it’s so cold. the heater’s out; i don’t know how to turn it on. let me freeze to death here. HAHA. drama.

how will i ever force myself not to procrastinate? someone please tell me how cause i’m as dead as a madcow-diseased rat by the end of the day if i haven’t started doing anything.

velour (is that how you spell it?) shall come out of my closet tonight and make a debut. haha.

i’m excited to go home. two more weeks and i’m outta here. wahoo.

oh dear. hahaha in one of the entries i wrote, i said… three words: the book is better. UGH. that’s FOUR. what the heck. i’m so dumb i can’t even count. hahahahaha.

i miss these blank days with hellogoodbye and new found glory surrounding my room. it’s all a trip. just like the drawing i made yesterday.

doodles uploaded on my multiply. yo quiero mucho a nee.



know what’s better than any addiction in this world??? mi amoooor. haha!!! of course. next to that is… yes, this is what i’m having right now… COFFEE.

i miss nicki boy. i want to see him kick his teacher’s ass. hahaha. omg. he wrote a letter to his filipino teacher: i hate you. i will send you to africa. HAHAHA COOL BOY!!!

mom says he says…  OMG! jesus christ!


Pie Amparo: tapos tawa sya nang tawa.. kasi nahulog yung cow.. dun yun sa holy grail na dvd ba

Pie Amparo: i asked him, what’s a grail? he said cup.. a modified cup!!

to any 8 year old kid who knows what the holy grail is, and who uses ‘modified’ in normal everyday conversations, i’ll let you meet my brother. haha.

okay. my hot cousin is now some tv personality. what the heck. what about me?!?!?! HAHAHAHA.

the secret to immediate success? 2 mugs of coffee in 20 minutes. it’s like adrenaline rush minus the sweat.

i can’t stop chatting with my mom. she makes me feel ugly and beautiful all at the same time. HAHA.

so this is how proper procrastination should be done: chat with mom. drink coffee. blog. open file but don’t look at it. chat and blog some more. listen to music. change music repeatedly for 10+ minutes. scratch arm as if it’s itchy but it really isn’t. think of other stuff to do. think think think. then don’t do anything. keep on typing. uh huh. this is how we do it. every body move it. to the left to the right. that’s the way we do it. sing along. don’t stop whatever it is you are doing – unless it is your homework cause that’s worth your time. make sure you’re not making the most of the time. waste it. kill it. don’t ever try to manage it. then the following day, you’ll regret everything you’ve done the night before. fun isn’t it? this happens every single time, yet you won’t learn cause it’s fun to procrastinate. the temporary happiness of knowing that you’ve survived even if you somewhat cheated yourself by not giving it your best shot is somewhat fun. eh?

it doesn’t really matter if i’m procrastinating or not. what matter is that I PASS THIS SEMESTER CAUSE THEY WILL ALL KILL ME IF I DON’T.




congrats tita gina for being 2nd in your class. i wish i’m also on top of the class. ooh wee. 😐 but i’m either too shy or too lazy or i’m just stupid. oh well.

i. need. a. better. brain. or. a. brand. new. slate. for. some. more. pimpin. down. these. books.

toodles. maybe i’ll procrastinate again later.


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