throw up.

drinking too much caffeine can never be good for the body. instead of waking me up, it only gave me an upset stomach. please tell me this isn’t going to last cause i can’t concentrate (not that i really want to study hehe). it’s 3 in the morning and being the nocturnal person that i am, i cannot stand this stomach. feels like…alcohol and nuts. oh nuts.

edit. update. that, my dears, was written last night/this morning. now it’s 8:15 in the evening. cold is an understatement to what we are experiencing right now. blame the weather for all the cranky expressions, hatemail, raging hormones (not mine. lotz and ryan are getting jiggy with it. HAHAHA), sleep addiction and more piled up clothing.

yesterday, i gave 75% of my brain power just to study those two chapters of computer science. morning came. exams went flying in front of me. oh dear here it goes. GONE. it had 6 questions for a hundred points. i used 30% of what i’ve studied, thankyouverymuch.

a day too fast for time to get noticed.

im not in the mood to tell whatever it is i’m thinking about cause it will only piss me and make me fall asleep.

you tease to please yet you cry to fly.

it’s hard to think that you’re not experienced.

same thing, different situation::: we’re in america. where everything’s overrated.



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